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    Name:  咲 -Saki-
    Episodes: 25
    Airtime: 06-04-2009 till 28-9-2009
    Producer: GONZO

I’ve been a little bit inactive but it has its reasons. It’s holiday here at the moment, and I have a lot of events I’m attending to. So I had no time to write for some days. After some relaxation and learning how to play mahjong, I think I can review this anime, which is 100% about mahjong. For most Europeans who do not know, it’s NOT Shanghai Mahjong we’re speaking of, but we’re speaking of mahjong, the Japanese way. Shanghai mahjong is where you have to remove pairs of the same tile which aren’t blocked on both sides(remember those pyramids), but normal mahjong plays like Gin Rummy. There’s enough to explain, so I’ll put both a bit explanation about how the game works, and how the anime goes in this post. I’ve watched Saki with Underwater subs.

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To Aru Majutsu no Index

    Name: とある魔術の禁書目録(A Certain Magical Index)
    Episodes: 24 + 1 DVD extra
    Airtime: 05-10-2008 till 19-03-2009
    Same universe: To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou, A Certain Scientific Railgun.
    Producers: J.C.Staff, Geneon Entertainment

I’ve picked up the pace again, and I’m going to do some new anime previews/reviews when I have the time to. I’ve been sleepy and I’ve also been on a school trip to Paris, that was exhausting. I decided to take a good sleep right after it, so I’ll write my reviews a bit higher quality now… I’ve watched Index last week to review it right afterwards, my head should be full of fresh information at the moment. I’ve watched it with Eclipse Subs. They’re the best fansubbers too, in my honest opinion.

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Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B

    Name: メルティブラッド アクトカデンシャ(Melty Blood Act Cadenza)
    Producers: TYPE-MOON/French-Bread
    Genre: 2D-Fighter
    Platform: Arcade/PS2/PC
    Release Date: 27-7-2007

Yes, I made quite a delay between the Chrono Trigger review and this one. Several reasons why it happened: First of all, I was busy the whole weekend, having finals of the sports I do IRL, bowling. Yes, bowling as sports, and our team became first, but the league wasn’t all too large. Though, that’s off-topic business. Second of all, I’m pretty much a beginner at blogging, so I didn’t have my topics ready and all the like. I’m planning to do anime reviews later, while I haven’t even watched them yet, so I have to make time for myself as well. I apologize for the long delay again. To make it better, I stopped delaying now and I’ll do a review about the 2d-fighter I play almost everyday, so I don’t really need sources for that. The main menu is pretty plain, so you can see the easter egg version down below.

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Chrono Trigger

    Name: クロノトリガー(Chrono Trigger)
    Producers: Square Soft
    Genre: J-RPG
    Platform: SNES/PSX/DS
    Release Date: 22-8-1995

I’m not only watching anime all day long. Assuming I have school and a part-time job, I don’t have the whole day to blog and entertain you guys. But that’s not really where I was pointing at. I was talking about the fact that I also play games from time to time. Usually I play shooters and strategy games, but I have interest in a large variety of other games, like 2D fighters and adventure games. But I’ll come back to that later. For now, I’m planning to hold a Retronism Week, with this week featuring: Chrono Trigger for the SNES.

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My AnimeList

Have some awesome background music while checking out this article

No! Don’t think of that site everyone else uses(I’m talking about the infamous MAL, I do have an account up there, but I’ve seen way too much anime to import them all into that site. 2 Years ago, I generally started watching anime more frequently. I was a beginner at first, watching all these shows on YouTube, or with my brother, who watches anime every now and then. I didn’t note which anime I’ve seen, and just watched episode after episode. Once, I just opened up a text document (.txt) and started typing down what I’ve seen.

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    Name: セキレイ(Sekirei)
    Episodes: 12
    Airtime: 02-07-2008 till 17-09-2008
    Producers: Seven Arcs

Yes, that anime with too huge breasts fanservice, here we go. Assuming not many people have seen it, since this anime wasn’t too popular, I’ll try not to spoil. Though, there isn’t too much to spoil about. Because it mostly exists out of fanservice, people get bad assumptions about it. I, too, was convinced that such animes wouldn’t work out. Well, I’m someone who can’t ignore animes when they’re spoken bad of, so I decided to watch this anime in order to form a correct opinion about it without rushing.

I’m noticing I’m using quite a lot words without giving a proper meaning for them, just google them of course, unless you already know them.

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    Name: とらドラ!(Toradora! meaning Tiger x Dragon)
    Episodes: 25 + 1 DVD extra
    Airtime: 02-10-2008 till 26-03-2009
    Producers: GENCO, J.C. Staff

Alright, time for some mainstream anime. Not everyone has been watching this, so I’ll have to watch out for spoilers. Because I just finished this series, the information is still fresh. Not to mention that the anime just ended anyway. I’ve watched the anime with Coalguys subs.

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Meaning of Chrouya

Many people have been wondering, why Chrouya? I know, the name looks weird/bizarre, and many people can’t pronounce it. Well, to make it clear for all of you, it’s some kind of Romanization of Kuro(u)ya. Yes, the origin is Japanese. But as you can see, even I am confused by what the meaning is of my nickname. It was based on nothingness, but recently I found out that my name can have some meanings. Though, now is the question: what?

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