Meaning of Chrouya

Many people have been wondering, why Chrouya? I know, the name looks weird/bizarre, and many people can’t pronounce it. Well, to make it clear for all of you, it’s some kind of Romanization of Kuro(u)ya. Yes, the origin is Japanese. But as you can see, even I am confused by what the meaning is of my nickname. It was based on nothingness, but recently I found out that my name can have some meanings. Though, now is the question: what?

I even know people who want that I keep the nickname DarkShadow, but that’s a bit hard for me though. Since DarkShadow is such a common and boring name, I thought a new one was fitting. so there you have it. Brainstorming gave me this name, and now we need a meaning. I’ll list a few possibilities of kanji here, and I’ll ask you guys to find out a nice combination of them. Note that they do have to make the name kuro(u)ya ofcourse.

黒(kuro) = dark
畔(kuro) = paddy ridge
クロウ(kurou) = crow
苦労(kurou) = hardships
繰ろう(kurou) = to flip/reel/spin
刳ろう(kurou) = to scoop/dig out

矢(ya) = arrow
屋(ya) = house/shop
家(ya) = house/shop
野(ya) = field
夜(ya) = night
冶(ya) = melting
哉(ya) = ?
八(ya) = 8
谷(ya) = valley

Lots of combinations possible, so please put in the comments what combination you think suits best for me.
Currently, I vote for dark arrow myself at the moment(黒矢).

Update: As you can see in the banner, the combination 黒夜(dark night) has been selected now. The reason for selecting this one is because it’s very fitting, but I only found out this combination after a while. The only problem is that you can also pronounce ya as yo or yoru.


3 Responses to “Meaning of Chrouya”

  1. 1 T-Spirit
    16-04-2009 at 12:42

    I think the translation “Dark Arrow” suits you the best. It also sounds the best of all the combinations. If it was for myself, I would take the translation “Dark Valley”. But, each his own personality, each his own combination.
    Continue with the site. Looks great!

  2. 2 Bijgraams
    22-11-2009 at 21:29

    i believe “Dark Arrow” suits you best too, altough dark night, dark valley, are also pretty cool ;)

    good luck going on!

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