Name: セキレイ(Sekirei)
    Episodes: 12
    Airtime: 02-07-2008 till 17-09-2008
    Producers: Seven Arcs

Yes, that anime with too huge breasts fanservice, here we go. Assuming not many people have seen it, since this anime wasn’t too popular, I’ll try not to spoil. Though, there isn’t too much to spoil about. Because it mostly exists out of fanservice, people get bad assumptions about it. I, too, was convinced that such animes wouldn’t work out. Well, I’m someone who can’t ignore animes when they’re spoken bad of, so I decided to watch this anime in order to form a correct opinion about it without rushing.

I’m noticing I’m using quite a lot words without giving a proper meaning for them, just google them of course, unless you already know them.


To be honest, I’m not fond of the large breasts. Although opinions differ, do agree with me that these boobs do defy gravity laws! But anyway, aside from that kind of fanservice, lemme tell you a short summary of the synopsis.

It’s the year 2020 in the new built Shin-Touteito. Sahashi Minato failed twice in a row for university because he can’t handle stress. On his depressed way back, he gets to meet a buxom girl, Musubi, while she retreats from 2 other girls chasing her. Minato gets hopelessly drawn into the fight, and thus the story starts. Minato learns that he’s the Ashikabi of his Sekirei Musubi. Think like master-servant relationships. Now he must win the Game in order to live in happiness forever with Musubi. However, he must fight against 107 other Sekirei, and several Ashikabi have more than 1 Sekirei! There is no escape. Will the Game go as it was supposed to go?

Bleh, this screencap just tells enough.

I cannot answer to that question, because this series end with a very sudden cliffhanger.

Out of the 3 stages that the Sekirei Plan exists of, only 2 are being highlighted in this season, so we can expect a second season quite soon about the third. So this is what you get to see at the end:


Not mentioning just the sudden ending, pretty much everything is done at random. You hardly know any origin about the characters. Here and there, fatuous meetings as if it were the lottery. One by one, Minato saves the day by being the intelligent Ashikabi and ‘winging’ the Sekirei when the time comes. But all these factions, how did they exist? What is the background information about Minato? That is all left unknown. It might be good to go clueless into action as if you’re the protagonist yourself, but you’re not informed enough to know what’s actually going to happen. At least, it felt like that. Now there’s hardly anything to discuss about, rather than to question who are all those 108 Sekirei. Well, only around 20 to 30 are detailed, but the rest probably gets introduced in the second season, or they just defeat each other while the anime focuses on the actions of Minato. I doubt all of them will be screened.

The fighting scenes are so-so. There is hardly any special battle animations or coloring, it looks plain and quite the same as normal scenes. The variety of the Sekirei are quite high if I might say so, because they do have different kinds of attributes. They mostly don’t wield weapons, but their items can work very complicated. For example you have the little girl Kusano who attacks people with a plant. Actually, there’s a Sekirei who can do the opposite as well, making whatever is green, wither. The music added with the exciting scenes is plausible and not bad to listen to.

Using food as a weapon is mostly win.

Now you guys might think I hate this anime, but I don’t think it’s that bad overall. It’s true that I don’t like fanservice this bad, but the plot does interest me quite a bit, and the comedy is actually more appraising than the action. It’s always about the girls being the ‘loyal wife’ of Minato(lucky bastard). So you have enough characters to love, basically a harem anime of younger age. Ugh, since I’m trying to dig up really far sought arguments, I’ll better get going with the conclusion.

Yeah, she’s creepy.


It’s full of holes that shouldn’t have been made. It starts from out of nowhere, and the past explanations are insufficient to really know the origin and past of some things, like the Sekirei themselves, or the past of Minato. Maybe even the creation of Shin-Touteito. Furthermore, it seems the story is divided in parts, as for the introduction to each female added to his harem. It might have taken too long, or Sekirei would’ve just added another 12 episodes, because the ending was….too simple. A cliffhanger that disappoints the most viewers. The second season is not yet there, but I hope it will be promising.

Character Development(7.5/10)
Yes they all like Minato. No they can’t stop loving him. No there’s no change into it whatsoever. Except for that tsuntsun Tsukiumi that is fully convinced that she should be Minato’s real loyal wife until she has to make difficult decisions which gave her respect to the other Sekirei. There is quite some development between the Sekirei, now I think about it.

Now I haven’t thought about the animation too long, but the character variety is quite nice. They did try to keep it as realistic as possible, but that doesn’t really fit in an anime that’s not based on serious action anyway, I mean, it’s comedy. It shouldn’t matter if they had unrealistic colors and stuff.  The animated battle scenes were so-so, not bad, but not the best too. I think they just kept it simple to realize what this anime is about. Yes comedy romance with a slight bit of drama. The action is just an extra, I assume.

Get the funky beat! What a surprising ED for this series. It doesn’t matter though, I like it, as it’s variating from the usual slow EDs you hear in normal anime. They quite overused the OP as a normal victory music, but it has been done before. The BGM is quite soft and only noticeable when you focus on it. But most of the normal scenes, there’s hardly music, but if it there, it’s okay. The seiyuu are varied, I haven’t heard the seiyuu of Minato so much before, unless I’m mistaken. The sound effects are nicely used.

Final conclusion: 7.5
It really depends on what’s your taste. If you’re really that fond of the fanservice(not that fanservice is the only thing in the anime of course), you should go watch it for sure. But even people who aren’t interested in it can watch it too though, like me. There’s enough harem/comedy/romance/drama elements in it what you can like. I’d recommend to watch until Episode 3 before deciding to continue or leave this anime, that choice I’ll leave to you. For people who have seen this anime, please tell me if I missed points because it is already been quite some time since I saw this anime. I’m also sorry that my writing quality dropped a bit, this article wasn’t that interesting as thought it would be.



2 Responses to “Sekirei”

  1. 1 Faith
    15-04-2009 at 07:46

    I haven’t watched it, but it could be a good side-show while waiting for other prime-time anime I guess… I don’t quite like that OBVIOUS fanservice either, but if you’re saying sekirei is not bad, then I guess it’s worth giving a shot.. Oh and, can you tell the airing date and number of episodes in your reviews next time? Maybe the studio too. Anyways, I don’t think the review quality went down, it gave a lot info for people who hadn’t watched it yet, like me. Keep up the good work!

  2. 2 Chrouya
    15-04-2009 at 15:39

    Thanks for the tips, I’ve updated my posts so they contain the information you asked for right away. I’m glad that I’ve heard a lot of positive opinions about my blog, thanks to those people too, they give me the boost to keep going to entertain the readers.
    For now, I’ll take a short break for some hours, then I’ll start writing again. Hope to hear from you guys later!

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