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No! Don’t think of that site everyone else uses(I’m talking about the infamous MAL, MyAnimeList.net). I do have an account up there, but I’ve seen way too much anime to import them all into that site. 2 Years ago, I generally started watching anime more frequently. I was a beginner at first, watching all these shows on YouTube, or with my brother, who watches anime every now and then. I didn’t note which anime I’ve seen, and just watched episode after episode. Once, I just opened up a text document (.txt) and started typing down what I’ve seen.


But I was unsatisfied by how it looked. It looks horrible, and it existed only out of 2 parts. 1 Part containing the anime I’ve seen, the other part containing a random integer for selecting what anime I should watch next. There was a lot of choice, such problems often occur with beginners watching anime. You have to carefully select the anime you want to see. And that’s also a reason to read blogs like mine, they’re helpful and nice, but be careful  for any spoilers on the way.

I didn’t know MAL already existed back then, so I created an excel sheet instead. The more I think about it, the more I thought this was better, since it isn’t shown in public, and I can add extra tabs to it containing different information that the standard tabs that MAL has. Now I don’t care about publicity anymore, though.

Enough with the talking, here’s the latest updated version of my animelist. It’s created in an Excel sheet, so I hope people have Microsoft Office 2003 or higher installed on their PC.

Click here to download Animelist.xls

I can’t update it frequently so I hope you’re satisfied by what you see. If there’s anything you want to add to that list, feel free to comment on this article down below. And because blogs look so boring when you don’t add any pictures, I’ll add a picture at the end, that I forgot to post at the Toradora! article:

Yeah, the DVD extra…


1 Response to “My AnimeList”

  1. 1 Aku_Shinobi
    15-04-2009 at 16:32

    nice anime Chrouya ^^ thx for your work keep it up

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