Chrono Trigger

    Name: クロノトリガー(Chrono Trigger)
    Producers: Square Soft
    Genre: J-RPG
    Platform: SNES/PSX/DS
    Release Date: 22-8-1995

I’m not only watching anime all day long. Assuming I have school and a part-time job, I don’t have the whole day to blog and entertain you guys. But that’s not really where I was pointing at. I was talking about the fact that I also play games from time to time. Usually I play shooters and strategy games, but I have interest in a large variety of other games, like 2D fighters and adventure games. But I’ll come back to that later. For now, I’m planning to hold a Retronism Week, with this week featuring: Chrono Trigger for the SNES.


People are wondering why I won’t review the DS version, since that released not so long time ago, but there’s only 1 problem on my side: I don’t own that game. Sure, my brother and I do want that game, but it’s sold out every time we tried to buy it in stores…so now we’re depending on ordering it, but that will take some time. I’m quite hasty so I can’t wait that long. The only thing added are the extras, which I’ll mention at the end of the article. The screens look better when they’re original, I think. Not too many screens of the DS version are on the Internet as well, and I do not know how to record it myself. The same counts more or less for the PSX version. It does have an OP though, so I used that for my review. Too bad the SNES version didn’t have anime cut scenes, but that’s logical. Compare 30 MB cartridges to 680 MB CDs…Yes indeed.

My screenshots are a bit messed up, sorry. Still got rid of the hud somehow.

Anyway, the reason why I’m going to review this game, is because my brother played it for fun. Since I haven’t ever touched that game before, I really had to play the game as well, knowing it was epic.  He went mad at me when he noticed I finished the game 100% with New Game and beat New Game + afterwards, while he was still fighting the last boss. I don’t really feel like grading this game, but I shall try nonetheless. The reason why I rather won’t do it is because the game doesn’t have so many bad points, but I think I can recall some stuff I didn’t like.

The summary of the story is pretty much like this. You’re playing Crono(I think the ‘h’ is missing because of the 5 character limit per name), and you’re going to visit your friend Lucca at the Millennial Fair. There you meet the tomboyish soon-to-discover-that-she-is-a-princess Marle, with whom you’re going to check out the latest invention of Lucca. However, because of an error caused by an item, the invention malfunctions and Marle got warped away. Starting with the story to save Marle, you end up in the future, seeing that the world got destroyed. And guess what, you are the only hope left to save the world, so here your time-traveling adventure starts. Your mission is to destroy Lavos, who entered the depths of the world around 65,000,000 BC and got summoned to the surface at 1999 AD. At first, you get to learn the arts of magic, that enables you to get stronger. As you learn more about Lavos and the world, there will be new companions joining you in the battle of time, against Lavos and his followers.

The world map of 1000 AD…There are like, 6 different times…

Unlike Final Fantasy games, it’s can be the turn of multiple characters at the same time. However, the character limit you are allowed to take with you, is 3, because of time warp laws. Aside from that, the gameplay is slightly different than what you’re used to. After you gain the arts of magic, you can gain single, double or triple techniques after gaining enough skill points earned in battle. Single is done by the char itself, and only costs his/her mana. Exact the same way, Double techniques are done by 2 specific characters, and will cost both of their mana. Triple techniques are only gained in the end game, and they cause ultimate damage, but everyone loses their turn, so it might end up for the worse…
Oops, it’s a review, not a manual, heh.

When Crono gets that spell, it’s instant win for you, shame I guess.


You can end the game almost any time you want, as long as you access the time ‘outpost'(aka the End of Time). Aside from that fact, the story is very complete and is interesting to follow. Note that Crono has 0 lines of text, you’ll have to fantasize about what he’s saying yourself. There’s not much being spoken of about the characters past. Especially not about Crono, but some characters are pretty related to Marle. The drama factor in this game is huge and the plot twists are well thought of. Too bad the producers started doing worse after they’ve changed their name to Square Enix though. But that’s a side note.

A bit exotic is nice for a change. The difficulty is hard enough if you were rushing through the game and leaving all the side quests aside. However, as I completed the game 100%(except for getting all the endings), I was overpowered and can beat everything with easy. Even Lavos becomes easy. The story path finding, is crap if you didn’t read well enough. Aside from fighting, there are some puzzles, but they’re not the main deal. Heck, for some side quest you had to have a certain character as main, while it’s not being hinted.

The more I start thinking about it, the less I compliment this game. But on the other side, I realize that SNES couldn’t go far at that time. I do miss computer graphics though, but that’s not from that time. The variation between time is very large and thus interesting to look at.
Now I think you’ve noticed the animation of the OP and thought of one thing: This looks a damn lot like Dragon Ball Z(Not to mention the sound effects). Again, I can’t blame you for that, since they are the same animators(Koei, AFAIK). These kind of graphics are only visible in the character portraits. A small thing, but still a bit unfitting.

I think this is the worst down point of the game. I did not like all the music. True, some are fitting, that’s why I gave it a mediocre mark. But the songs are pretty repetitive, and it gets canceled out by other sound effects as well. The variation…meh, I guess it’s fine, but for me there’s no song that would make go excited or anything close to it.

Final Conclusion: 8.1

I typed a bit too much I think. Maybe I should lessen the general summary text, but it seems pretty informative in my eye…Current word count…1200+. That’s like, twice as much as I need to type in normal texts for school.
Anyway, this was this week’s Retronism Week. I hope you enjoyed reading my wall of text. See you next blog, that’s about hmm…Any suggestions? I have enough subjects, but I’ll keep them secret for now…Oh I almost forgot, a finishing picture eh…Maybe I’ll add one in the future…



2 Responses to “Chrono Trigger”

  1. 1 Aku_Shinobi
    16-04-2009 at 23:18

    good work Chrouya very nice game i play it before ^^

  2. 2 Esmeralda
    17-04-2009 at 16:20

    great review chrouya ^^

    ive play it before and like this game a lot^^
    the ds version is quite similar to the snes one, but the feeling is just not right…
    maybe i was overshocked when playing this^^ (i was 8)

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