Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B

    Name: メルティブラッド アクトカデンシャ(Melty Blood Act Cadenza)
    Producers: TYPE-MOON/French-Bread
    Genre: 2D-Fighter
    Platform: Arcade/PS2/PC
    Release Date: 27-7-2007

Yes, I made quite a delay between the Chrono Trigger review and this one. Several reasons why it happened: First of all, I was busy the whole weekend, having finals of the sports I do IRL, bowling. Yes, bowling as sports, and our team became first, but the league wasn’t all too large. Though, that’s off-topic business. Second of all, I’m pretty much a beginner at blogging, so I didn’t have my topics ready and all the like. I’m planning to do anime reviews later, while I haven’t even watched them yet, so I have to make time for myself as well. I apologize for the long delay again. To make it better, I stopped delaying now and I’ll do a review about the 2d-fighter I play almost everyday, so I don’t really need sources for that. The main menu is pretty plain, so you can see the easter egg version down below.


I assume everyone knows what a 2D-fighter is by now. If not, then you must be *facepalming* right now because you didn’t think of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat(in the early ages). They’re similar in system. There are enough examples to see on the Internet if you’re interested. Truth to be told, the sequel to this game, Melty Blood Actress Again, has been already released on arcades. Though as I live in the Netherlands, I don’t have any other option than to wait for months, and thus I just fill them with the old game. This game can be played online if you use an external netplay program called MBCaster. If you might ever be interested to play me or others, just give a call and I’ll help or play.

Now for the differences between this game and it’s prequel(Melty Blood ReAct Final Tuned), are the added staff of characters, lots of balancing, and extras which are to please you at single player. Tag Battle gives a new feeling to 2D-fighters, as if you’re playing Super Smash Bros., but unfortunately it can’t be played online…yet. The AI is anti-beginners as it seems, because when you get experienced in this game, you can beat it with ease. How to get experienced? Ask Mr. Internet. There are enough netplay communities you can join. Melty Blood isn’t too popular outside Japan, unlike Touhou games(I’ll come back to that later), but small communities are also nice.

An example of a Tag Battle

Arcade Mode does have a bit of story, but it’s rather weak and just filling up that hole so it doesn’t lack a story. The little bit of story, however, originates from the Melty Blood manga and this whole spin-off is based on the infamous Visual Novel, Tsukihime. Some people might not know it, it also plays in the same universe as Fate/stay night, and the last animated mini-series Kara no Kyoukai. Anyway, after beating arcade mode once, the one and only hidden character unlocks, called Neco Arc Chaos. A joke character. Finishing arcade with this cat gives you the extra option to challenge the final boss, Neko Chaos Black G666.

Now there are enough pros and cons to think about when it comes to this game. Yes there is even possibility to do infinites in this game, but they’re inhumanely hard. An example is visible here, and maybe only here. Satsuki infinite.
Since people should know the basics by now, I won’t explain the simple parts. Now, the only problem is, is that I’m going to talk in 2D-fighter terms to make myself clear, probably. If you don’t know the basics, they’re like, use different kinds of attacks to defeat your enemy. Do that twice to win. Though the world isn’t that simple, and so is this game. Attacks must be blocked high or low, you also have the option to shield too. Summed up: it all has their advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you watch some videos to understand what I’m talking about.

Imagine people seriously selecting this cat as main…

I play this game for only one main purpose: you can play it online. Normally fighting games are played on your console, against your best mates, but now there’s a lot of variation in players, and the skill level is nicer to adjust to. You learn new stuff as you play different people. The thing is, netplay isn’t perfect. Delay and lag causes people to frequently do worse than normally, and the game becomes rather aggrovating. This is quite a con, but that’s what you get if the hype isn’t large enough in your own country, like here. Another con would be that the system itself might be a bit overwhelming you at first. The first time you really win from someone takes quite a long time. Combos need to be trained, mix ups need to be controlled. Learning the system takes time.

Now generally, I don’t see this game as bad. However, it certainly isn’t the best one around, but that depends on your own preferences. I like to play a large variation of characters, so that’s what I’m currently doing as well. Although the characters do look quite the same at the beginning, some play styles are definitely different. Though, the hype of this game lowers and lowers because of the newer games and inactivity. Recently(April 19th) was a netplay tourney what went great and boosted up the hype for a bit. But I’m unsure if they’d be still playing this at the end of the year. I doubt it. Maybe 2 years.

Me trying that challenge…


Aside from the game being translated some months ago, I haven’t really replayed my own main characters Arcade Mode yet. Most of the time, the text has to do with both origins of this game, Kagetsu Tohya and Tsukihime. So I guess there’s a story in it, but it frankly doesn’t matter at all. Each character has his or her own path of 12 stages long, with 2 dialogs in the midst of it. It’s only meant for unlocking, in my opinion. Or maybe when you want to break the rankings. Survival mode is quite interesting to play as well, the AI seems to get better and better in this mode, except that it’s still AI.

It’s sweet, if you ignore the bugs that are here and there. The most appearing ‘bug’, is the crossup in corners, when it’s player 2 who is pressurizing me. In other cases, stuff is just the usual. Overheads being fast so that you’re caught by surprise, and certain moves hit low, and the certain move alike. Long combos, double jumps, mix ups. Yes, I think I like it.

Actually, I thought the music was pretty much the same every time, but because of the variation of levels, you don’t notice that too fast. The OP fits with the game, no problem with that. The sounds are quite good, but also funny sometimes. Some even started off as a little fad, like: SUGOI SUGOI, Saturday Night Fever and of course the infamous win-quotes.

Now, there are hardly any CG visible in the game and nowhere to keep track of them, you can see it’s purely a 2D-fighter. Only the ending provides like, one or two screens involving the char you were playing. The sprites are nicely done. Now they don’t go blurry at points like how Arcana Heart 2 failed, and it has enough animation to make it looks real. I don’t have to complain to this though, it’s worked out fine. The OP is short as always, but this time, I think the animation rushed along a bit too fast.

I’ve written about netplay in the review itself. I know that playing offline gives more fun than online. The further someone is away, the worse the delay gets online. That’s why the Western world evades the Eastern world, and vise versa. The feeling when tourneys are on are obviously different than in netplay tourneys. It only gives extra troubles like keyboards and desynchronization and evil tricks. The variation is a good point in the netplay, however.

Final Conclusion: 7.8
To be honest, it’s fun to see yourself rise in skill over time. And you meet a lot other people as well. Though, try not to go rage quit when an awful match-up is coming, for example. I’m very tired now, assuming it’s already midnight now and I should get some sleep. Rules are meant to be broken, and respect is everything. Now, if you guys would excuse me, I need to watch anime tomorrow, or else I’ll never get started with blogging again. Had to update this a lot because I was really daydreaming. I apologize once again, you can laugh at my fail if you want to, check the vid below…It has commentary!

Here’s a vid of me…Losing…But I’m playing the girl in white/red.


5 Responses to “Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B”

  1. 21-04-2009 at 14:54

    The game is probably great. But it’s a game for children. It’s not a complicated game, it’s a classical VS fighter that everybody knows and loves since childhood. So why exactly are you reviewing it for?
    If one day I decided I was 9 years old and wanted to play one of this games the last thing I would do is read your review… seriously… if you’re a child you wouldn’t read it, if you’re an adult you wouldn’t read this cause it’s a waste of time. Just play :)

    • 25-04-2009 at 22:16

      wow, what a narrow minded idiot you are.

    • 3 what
      26-04-2009 at 03:57

      1. It was not intended for children. It was intended for adolescents and young adults, seeing that the game it’s based off of is rated 18+.
      2. It’s as complicated as you want it to be. It all depends on your ability to read your opponent and exploit his weaknesses, and use the infinite number of possibilities in the best possible manner. But you wouldn’t know anything about that.
      3. Not that many people outside of Japan know about Melty Blood.
      4. He’s probably reviewing it for his own enjoyment and to share the title with the community.
      5. Except, based on your attitude there no chance you’d try this game out in the first place. The review already accomplished something by bringing it to your attention. You don’t like it, that’s your call.
      6. I’m sure it’s a waste of time. But the time you spent writing a lengthy response wasn’t, right?
      7. Do you have a fascination with children (particularly, 9-year-olds) or something?

  2. 5 Lim Han Wei
    26-04-2009 at 03:46

    Guess who’s here lol?

    Nice review there Chrouya. Melty Blood is awesome and will always be heh since its the first FG game I took seriously.

    And correction on Netplay communities, I think there is still many Asian communities existing, mainly Taiwan, China, Korea and South East Asia. Well, small community is still a community right.

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