To Aru Majutsu no Index

    Name: とある魔術の禁書目録(A Certain Magical Index)
    Episodes: 24 + 1 DVD extra
    Airtime: 05-10-2008 till 19-03-2009
    Same universe: To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou, A Certain Scientific Railgun.
    Producers: J.C.Staff, Geneon Entertainment

I’ve picked up the pace again, and I’m going to do some new anime previews/reviews when I have the time to. I’ve been sleepy and I’ve also been on a school trip to Paris, that was exhausting. I decided to take a good sleep right after it, so I’ll write my reviews a bit higher quality now… I’ve watched Index last week to review it right afterwards, my head should be full of fresh information at the moment. I’ve watched it with Eclipse Subs. They’re the best fansubbers too, in my honest opinion.

Oh, and don’t forget m.3.3.w fansubs in the first episode.

A supernatural story full of magicians and espers. Wish it was possible in reality, but unfortunately we’re stuck here. Anyway, this anime is all about action. It’s pretty much missing romance, though it does have its scenes containing such gags. For example, there’s an episode about Misaka and her stalker, wherein Touma gets involved into. Funny jokes, but somehow, it’s unfitting because they were serious all the time. First things first, when watching the anime, the first sentence you’re likely to keep in mind is this: FUKOU DA!!!(不幸だ!), you can see the meaning below:

He gets bitten every time…ouch.

The story is about Kamijyo Touma, an esper with the power to stop illusions, like magic, with his right hand. The backfire is that it also consumes the fortune around him. Once some kind of nun hung on his balcony, asking for food out of the blue. The two get to know each other, and lots of problems exist in the relation between magicians and espers, and between Touma’s Imagine Breaker and Index. First they have to fix the problem that Index has to lose her memories every year, and afterwards they’re after the bad magicians here and there. There’s no real end, as it finishes up with the arc it was currently busy with, showing the note that the side story is being produced. And that’s it.

That’s already one con of this anime, there’s totally no storyline or whatsoever. It goes from arc to arc, with no chronological order or anything that has to do with Index etc. That’s why you have the feeling that Index is hardly the main character in this anime. I think she’s almost equally to the tsundere Mikoto Misaka, the Railgun user, and also the most popular character in the series, actually. The abrupt ending is what you get when there’s hardly a line through the story. Another thing that bugged me personally, is that Touma is severed from a memory loss later, but hardly shows the problems with it. It just didn’t feel right.

Meet the Index.

I’ve also noticed there are some side-characters who get really no screen time at all, like the stepsister of Tsuchimikado. She’s on a maid school, but she’s only visible in 2 episodes for a mere minute, and that’s it. That made me wonder why she got introduced.  The arcs by the way, are nicely variated. It goes from mystery to action, as sometimes the screens are just pretty creepy to see. The difference of esper/magic abilities is also nice. I’m not looking at the some being overpowered though. If Accelerator can change vectors when they touch them, isn’t he like, indestructible? The individual fighting scenes were awesome though.

Such misfortune.

The whole system of esper/magician is nicely explained, but you never get to know these churches they’re talking about. With the cliffhanger ending(so to call it), you don’t know what they’re up to. Maybe the side story will continue this main arc, or will it focus more on the gags between Touma and Misaka? Of course, not mentioning the devoted Kuroko that follows her Onee-sama(aka Misaka) 24/7 with her teleport abilities. I’d love to see more of this, but a little more romance is appreciated.

The earliest anime with an Obama gag…


It misses the continuity of the story. It’s just a pile of stories after saving Index. Which is quite a shame, because I do think there’s some major plot going on. Especially when you Tsuchimikado talking to some weird guy, about the relations between churches. The standalone arcs are interesting though, they introduce new characters and it’s about different roads every time. Once it’s the assassination of Index, the other time is about the Last Order. If you want to find out who the Last Order is, go watch the anime yourself to find out. Even Accelerator becomes the main hero for some episodes.

Character Development(7.5/10)
I can’t say a lot about development because it’s not really about that anyway in the anime. Though people getting more respect for each other, like Touma finding out about the origin of the magicians around Index. But Index herself stays more or less the same, biting him every time he meets her again. The misfortune every episode. The gags don’t have effect on the story later. Sometimes, it seems just a bit lame how it somehow ends up right, but that’s not the case in the fighting scenes.

The visuals weren’t badly done. In other words, they were great. Especially in the fighting scenes. It shows the gruesome of the series sometimes, but it’s also bright in normal circumstances. Yeah, you can’t describe it in words. the OPs are also very nice, the EDs kind of let me down as I said before. The character models are great too, and the animation was smoothly. Censoring was quite minimal. Though something caught my eye, like people talking while their mouths weren’t moving.

The original soundtrack is nice to listen to. I’m not noting the opening or ending again. I don’t have to talk lines about this. The voice actors are nice. The child teacher was awesome, and so are the others. It fits well with the animation. You can definitely hear it.

Final Conclusion: 8.3

I do miss the romance or drama, but that’s because I’m so used to seeing it. Aside from that, if it was a bit more structured with a story, I would’ve given it a higher score, but this is also plausible. Heh, I still have a lot to learn as reviewer, see you next time! Oh, and have a present directly from Index herself:

2 Responses to “To Aru Majutsu no Index”

  1. 1 Faith
    25-04-2009 at 16:56

    I couldn’t even understand it was over already.. Same thing happened with Shakugan-no Shana, these series had quite a potential but.. change the story writer dammit! ;p

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