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Koihime Musou

    Name: 恋姫†無双(Koihime†Musou)
    Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA
    Airtime: 09-07-2008 till 24-09-2008
    Sequel: Shin Koihime†Musou
    Producers: 5pb, Marvelous, Pony Canyon

I noticed the amount of anime reviews is quite low, but they also require the most work. This time it’s up to Koihime Musou, an eroge adaptation into this anime, where fanservice is a bit on the high side. You can read more about it later. Other recent news: The second season of Haruhi begon airing, which causes a lot of attention to be drawn to that instead. Perhaps I’ll write a small preview of it, while I’m at it. First things first, I’ve watched Koihime Musou with Menclave/AnimeOne/Pervert fansubs instead of Ayako for a reason: The DVD extras.

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Katawa Shoujo(demo)

A little AMV of this game.

    Name: かたわ少女(Katawa Shoujo, "Disability Girls")
    Producers: Four Leaf Studios
    Genre: English(!) Visual Novel
    Platform: PC(free)
    Release Date: 29-4-2009(demo)

Oh never mind. I’ll review the demo too, since it’s fast to do, even though I said I wouldn’t do it. It’s such an interesting concept and game, I just have to say what I think of it now. Even though it’s incomplete because I lack the background information of the different characters, I’ll just keep it generally to how this game is played, and written.

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    Name: Braid
    Producers: Number None, Inc.
    Genre: Puzzle Platformer
    Platform: PC(Steam), XBox 360 Live
    Release Date: 10-4-2009

While I’m watching other anime which are soon ready to be reviewed, I decided to take a relaxing break with a puzzle game, called Braid. Because the final weeks of school are soon coming up, I’m not too active here, but nonetheless, thanks for reading my blog so far. Other recent news: The updates of Team Fortress keeps me interested to play the game as well, so I’ll give a shot at the Orange Box next time. The screenshots are a bit large (4:3), but this is because my screen is 4:3, while the game is 12:9, so you get those ugly black bars.

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Final Fantasy VI

    Name: ファイナルファンタジーVI(Final Fantasy VI, also Final Fantasy III(Western release))
    Producers: Square Soft/Enix
    Genre: Yet another J-RPG.
    Platform: SNES/PSX/GBA
    Release Date: 11-10-1994(SNES)

I know I’m quite late with the weekly retro game reviews, but I don’t think I can really keep up with that though, I rarely play old games unless I like it. But this time I replayed my favorite Nintendo game all-time. As you can read it’s Final Fantasy VI. Well, sorry if you might’ve thought it’s a later FF, but I did not own a PSX. This game really brings back memories. As I replay it again, I think it’s quite I shame I didn’t play this game on the PSX, but only on the SNES. I do hope Square Enix remakes this game for the DS though, like they’ve done with FFIII and FFIV.

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Elf Fantasy Fair @Haarzuilens

    Date: 25/26th of April 2009

So this one was really the first convention I went to in my life. I’m still young, so I have a lot time to visit more of them of course. Now then, I’m late with the summary because I did not have the photos yet, since I used someone else’s camera. Unfortunately, the camera is a bit of low quality, so all the pictures are a bit blurry. That might be my fault too, but my photos at the AnimeCon were a lot sharper, so I don’t really know the cause.

Now actually it was partially about anime too, what I didn’t think of. Aside from all the service about Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Eragon, there was also the Manga Square, where I felt comfortable at. You can even see that the picture made OF me(look at the side bar), is made with 2 girls dressed in sailor uniforms from Shuffle!, as far as I know.

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AnimeCon 2009

    Date: 1st to 3rd of May, 2009.

This is the 1st prize by audience in the AMV competition at AnimeCon 2009. I wasn’t there at that time, because I only bought a Sunday-only ticket for family reasons. Though, as he’s my friend, I congratulate him again for winning that prize. It’s worth that position.

So, yes, after a hasty decision after Elf Fantasy Fair, I decided to go to all anime conventions this year, just to see how it looks like. A summary about EFF will come later though, as I don’t have the pictures yet. This time I did bring my own photo camera along. And I have to say, the Dutch quality for cosplaying isn’t bad. Somehow there are always a lot of Vocaloid cosplayers though, but I guess they’re really that famous…I didn’t even notice the Touhou cosplayers though, shame on me.

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Not much of an OP for now

No, I’m not talking about an anime, I’m excusing myself for the inactivity at the moment. With that, I mean that I recently didn’t have the time to posts some updates, or I still have to collect sources. The next posts are actually about things I hardly even finished yet. So I’m finishing that up before I can go on. But don’t worry, I still have some other things to review before that.

Though, I’m not going to review Katawa Shoujo yet. It’s a visual novel based on disabled girls, but it’s only the demo that has been released a few days ago. I will probably review that when the full version is released though. As you might have expected, the opening above is indeed the opening of Katawa Shoujo. Remarkably of this VN is, is that it’s actually not originating from Japan. But I’m saving the information for later, shouldn’t spoil too much.

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