Not much of an OP for now

No, I’m not talking about an anime, I’m excusing myself for the inactivity at the moment. With that, I mean that I recently didn’t have the time to posts some updates, or I still have to collect sources. The next posts are actually about things I hardly even finished yet. So I’m finishing that up before I can go on. But don’t worry, I still have some other things to review before that.

Though, I’m not going to review Katawa Shoujo yet. It’s a visual novel based on disabled girls, but it’s only the demo that has been released a few days ago. I will probably review that when the full version is released though. As you might have expected, the opening above is indeed the opening of Katawa Shoujo. Remarkably of this VN is, is that it’s actually not originating from Japan. But I’m saving the information for later, shouldn’t spoil too much.

Origin: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

Yes I’m putting random images on to keep this post at least a bit entertaining to read. Anyway, to keep up with this inactivity, I decided to create an account at Twitter. A site where you update what you’re doing at the moment, in less than 100 characters. Should be simple enough to understand, here you can see my account.

If you visit that site, you can notice there’s another reason for my inactivity. Events. Lots of events. Well, it’s currently holiday over here until this tuesday, so it’s obvious that I have plans to fill in my free time. No, I did not travel to another country. Yes, I am going to 2 different conventions. The Elf Fantasy Fair was past Sunday, so that’s already finished. However, the pictures I’ve made haven’t been sent to me yet. The other convention is the AnimeCon 2009. I’m going to write a digest about them once I have all the sources I need. I hope you can wait until then.

Origin: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

No, I’m not bored of writing blogs, I do like it, unless the attention it gets becomes 0…I’ve been apologizing for delays enough, I should get in action tomorrow…Probably will, if I have the time. If you’re wandering what I’m doing at the moment: I’m finishing Final Fantasy VI and I’m watching Koihime Musou…I know I’m walking behind with anime, but sometimes you just have to take a break if you’ve watched too much. Check my animelist once again to see how much I’ve seen by now.

I have to sleep for now though, or else I can’t enjoy AnimeCon 2009 properly. Yes there are some conventions here in the Netherlands. 3 are quite on large scale if you ask me. But that’s as far as it gets, but I don’t mind. I’ve been in a discussion with some friend of mine, about the popularity of anime here in the Netherlands. It’s true that it’s not much, but on the other hand, it isn’t quite bad. What if all the girls were Tokyo Mew Mew fangirls, and all the like. Though, I do get a bit lonely when I’m the only one being a bit experienced in anime around on school, etc. I have made people watch anime though, but sometimes, some go too far. If you have experiences with this too, please enter comments below, I’d love to hear how others think.

…And before I know it, I’ve written a whole paragraph again. 6 hours until I have to wake up again, so see you next blog!

(More forgotten screenshots! These belong to Saki and Index… The reason I left them behind is because the amount of pictures became too much…and people don’t know some memes either.)
She’s infamously called Taco loli for a reason…
It’s Over 9000!


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  1. 1 Shiteimasu~
    13-05-2009 at 22:24

    OMG you did not just do a DBZ rippoff… xD

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