AnimeCon 2009

    Date: 1st to 3rd of May, 2009.

This is the 1st prize by audience in the AMV competition at AnimeCon 2009. I wasn’t there at that time, because I only bought a Sunday-only ticket for family reasons. Though, as he’s my friend, I congratulate him again for winning that prize. It’s worth that position.

So, yes, after a hasty decision after Elf Fantasy Fair, I decided to go to all anime conventions this year, just to see how it looks like. A summary about EFF will come later though, as I don’t have the pictures yet. This time I did bring my own photo camera along. And I have to say, the Dutch quality for cosplaying isn’t bad. Somehow there are always a lot of Vocaloid cosplayers though, but I guess they’re really that famous…I didn’t even notice the Touhou cosplayers though, shame on me.

Mariya Shidou wins, even if it’s 3D.

I’ve never been to real anime convention before, so I was quite nervous about how it will end. Because I was there on Sunday, the rooms were already less than half as busy as the days before. But I couldn’t care for now. Because of EFF, I created a schedule this time, and I was going alone as well. Luckily, I did have mates going there as well, so it wasn’t too lonely. At 9 o’clock, the hotel was opened for the visitors, but no event was on until 10. So I decided to go to the video room, where they played some nice animes. I did miss some great anime though, like a marathon of all 空の境界(Kara no Kyoukai) videos being held on Friday night. Myself; Yourself was the one I was basically watching back then…It made me remember only one thing…That voice actor of Aoi. Please no.

That aside, looking at my schedule, it was time for none other than the most sarcastic anime quiz in the Netherlands. Why sarcastic, you ask? Because half the questions were basically unanswerable, or weren’t even ABOUT anime(like railways, and stores). I haven’t heard if the record for right answers was broken though, but frankly, I don’t even care. It was good for a laugh. I wasted the time left at the game room, where I randomly ended up beating up someone in the Typing of the Dead. Yes, we can’t be even more random than that!

Talking about Vocaloid eh…and what the hell is Lelouch doing there!

Or so I thought. Somewhere around noon, there was a jan-ken-pon tournament. No kidding. Indeed, you can translate that as a rock-paper-scissors tourney. Whether it’s luck or skill, I still failed in the 2nd round, I really got beaten by mindgames. In the end, a Tsukune cosplayer(from Rosario to Vampire) won the tourney. No prizes as far as I know, but the experience was pretty hilarious. While searching for a place to eat, I bumped into some people who were playing Mahjong. Of course, because I reviewed Saki not such a long time ago, I’m was immediately drawn into the game. Won the set of games too, so that’s cool. Hearing others talk about Saki is interesting.

Meanwhile I’m still checking around for the good cosplayers, though most of them had already left after Saturday, which is quite a shame. Next time I’ll go full event, of course. Chibicon is not far away, and that’s only 1 day, so I can’t miss on that. Hmm? My costume? Because of haste, I couldn’t really get into a costume today. Unplanned, still things to do, and creating a costume in several days seems impossible for me. So if there were people who saw a faiL cosplay from Death Note, that would probably be me. Not having any wig and not the courage to walk on bare feet…My mental preparations weren’t well enough. Next time I do have an idea for cosplay…If anyone has ever heard of Zetsubou-se
nsei. Yep, I might even bring a suicide rope if I feel like it, hahaha.

Watch out for Pedobear, Hina-Ichigo!

If you’re interested in the full version of these pictures, just send me a mail to my e-mail address:
I have edited some of the photos in this article though, since it’s always a bugger when you notice those red eyes… Just ask and I’ll fix things for you, for nothing. Now since I was only there on Sunday, it’s obvious that this review is a little bit incomplete, but I can’t help it. I’m just showing you what my day was like, but I can’t speculate further than that. When I have the pictures, I’ll post another article about the Elf Fantasy Fair. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed reading my summary of the day about AnimeCon 2009 on Sunday, and I’ll see you next blog! I know I didn’t make too much pictures this time, but I still have to get more experience! もっと、いっぱい経験地を手に入れたい!

Note at left photo: I remember people yelling at Colette like: Trip! Trip! Trip!
Note at right photo: She(!) does a way better job than me with cosplaying L, in any way possible.

Random characters, like Dejiko from Di GI Charat, and some Kingdom Hearts dude with Utsuho from the Touhou series, who I didn’t know yet…

Oh, and of course, we shouldn’t forget the things I’ve bought this week. I sorted it nicely and made another picture of it, this making the end of the article. Note: I think the value of it is like, around €100,-.  I still have a lot to learn about spending money, it seems…


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    05-05-2009 at 16:48

    lol lelouch…

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