Elf Fantasy Fair @Haarzuilens

    Date: 25/26th of April 2009

So this one was really the first convention I went to in my life. I’m still young, so I have a lot time to visit more of them of course. Now then, I’m late with the summary because I did not have the photos yet, since I used someone else’s camera. Unfortunately, the camera is a bit of low quality, so all the pictures are a bit blurry. That might be my fault too, but my photos at the AnimeCon were a lot sharper, so I don’t really know the cause.

Now actually it was partially about anime too, what I didn’t think of. Aside from all the service about Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Eragon, there was also the Manga Square, where I felt comfortable at. You can even see that the picture made OF me(look at the side bar), is made with 2 girls dressed in sailor uniforms from Shuffle!, as far as I know.

I’ll have to excuse myself for the bad quality….and yes, Vocaloids again.

But this isn’t an anime convention, thus the level of cosplaying isn’t as high than what I’m used to now. It surprises me that there are always Vocaloid cosplayers present though.  But more people are dressed up than in anime conventions, just not based on a character, but Middle Ages-like. So we’re not here for the cosplay, but for the fair itself. I haven’t been keeping not of what I’ve done this time though, so I might forget several things here and there. I did go with some mates of mine, but those come for the fantasy. Only one of them has a slight interest in anime.

First of all we went touring around the Fair. It’s pretty large, but the castle was unapproachable because of renovation. My friends wanted to go to the mazes, but at the end we never went to it…It was unpopular too, apparently, nobody ever goes there. Anyway, there are several zones with a specific subject all over the fair. The most popular zones are the LARP zones, the Medieval zones, and the 3rd most popular zone is actually the Manga Square. I’ll explain about LARP later. The Medieval zones are zones where you can enjoy the Middle Ages at its best. With mini-games all around, weird food, and great ‘actors’, or so to say. At the Manga Square, there were different activities such as learning how to draw manga, or a sushi workshop.

Casual costumes, but not based on characters.

So for the people not knowing what LARP means, it’s simply Live-Action Role Playing. There are tons of dumb videos out there showing what LARP is. Yes, I call LARP dumb, because seriously, do you want to hear “LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT!” every time while someone just throw a rock at you? I’d just be ashamed of myself for doing that. Other than that, the concept is pretty interesting. Buy weapons for attack points, buy armor for defense points, and you can even level up. But it’s expensive, I tell you. I don’t want to waste €40,- for a mere sword made of foam and the like. I think I’m better off buying manga instead, but it’s your choice. Our group did not do any LARP in the EFF, but they’re planning to do that next time.

Though, there’s a small conflict for me with that plan. I recently realized that another convention, called the AbunaiCon, is hosted on the same days as the next EFF, in the last weekend of September. I’ve yet to decide where I’m going to, but probably both if I have the time.
Anyway, this fair is good for both sources for anything you need about fantasy-like stuff, and LARP. For example, there’s a Tolkien store where you can buy all sorts of goods based on the Lord of the Rings, ranging from the One Ring to the last books and replica swords.

You can always expect a Jack Sparrow though, I’ve seen 3 of them

I don’t know what more to say about this fair though. Time flows as you go, and I did forget a lot about unnecessary stuff. The main event zone having different shows every hour is quite interesting, and you can shoot pictures all you want. Though, there wasn’t much talking about anime in here. I’ve enjoyed though, and I did buy the large Matou Sakura figure here, with the Black Cat manga, the Gunslinger Girl DVD box and the Itsudatte My Santa! DVD. You can see those in my previous post about the AnimeCon. Though I did learn a few things I should keep in mind for later:

  • Take food with you.
  • Take your own camera with you.
  • Take enough money with you, because there was a 1h line in front of the mobile ATM.
  • Bring a schedule of where to go to and when. There’s always a lack of time.
  • Toilets are dirty at fairs. The ones at the hotel @AnimeCon were perfect though.
  • Don’t waste too much money, you should always be careful.
  • Cosplay isn’t a must, but it’s awesome.
  • LARPing is an expensive hobby. Do it at own risk.
  • Expect to walk for hours on fairs…It’s no problem at conventions however.
  • Don’t expect to remember everything when you come back. Photos and eventually taking notes are handy.

Jokers, eh? Reminds me of the next review.

You can see the Dutchness in this fair, clearly. Even if you don’t agree with me, the upper picture should prove enough. That’s enough about this fair for now. If you have any questions about it, feel free to post a comment below, or look up my e-mailaddress on the About page. Next review coming up: Final Fantasy VI. See you later!

The German girl on the left apparently does this Medieval game called mouse roulette, or something. Basically the mouse goes into a hole, and you have to guess which hole. The prize was a small birthstone. To the right is the infamous Altaïr…with an umbrella instead of a hidden knife.
I believe they’re called Jack the Ripper…but now in 3 entities!
Another nice picture to end with. A great Lucy cosplayer. I like it. Do you?


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