Final Fantasy VI

    Name: ファイナルファンタジーVI(Final Fantasy VI, also Final Fantasy III(Western release))
    Producers: Square Soft/Enix
    Genre: Yet another J-RPG.
    Platform: SNES/PSX/GBA
    Release Date: 11-10-1994(SNES)

I know I’m quite late with the weekly retro game reviews, but I don’t think I can really keep up with that though, I rarely play old games unless I like it. But this time I replayed my favorite Nintendo game all-time. As you can read it’s Final Fantasy VI. Well, sorry if you might’ve thought it’s a later FF, but I did not own a PSX. This game really brings back memories. As I replay it again, I think it’s quite I shame I didn’t play this game on the PSX, but only on the SNES. I do hope Square Enix remakes this game for the DS though, like they’ve done with FFIII and FFIV.

Yes, this is the Japanese main screen.

Yes I like J-RPGs. The one commented on my previous review about Chrono Trigger might be right, I might’ve been too sensitive to this stuff in the past. I remember I can even cry at those dramatic scenes, ha. And why do all these games get a re-release on the PSX, I don’t like it that I’m left without the extras. Anyway, the reason why I had to pick up this game, was because I lost a beautiful save of it years ago. I was playing on my dad’s PC back then, so my saves were still up there. However, when I wanted to place them onto my own PC, he had recently formatted that partition, leaving me in tears…That save was worth more than 120 hours, a complete 100% savefile with Lv. 99 characters. I don’t want to redo all that stuff though, so just finishing the game is the main priority now.

I think most of the people know the storyline of this game, but I can tell you how it goes in a few lines. Years ago, there was the War of the Magi. Espers and Humans can’t live together, and Terra has to rebuild that link. Terra is a halfbreed of humans and espers, who escapes the claws of the evil ‘clown’ Kefka, who’s desperately trying to take over the world.
As the story progresses and your team attacks the Empire, they suddenly gave up because of the destruction the espers caused afterwards. However, it was all a trap to get close to the den of the espers. As a result, Kefka absorbs all the power of the espers, and causes the world to lose its balance and eventually collapse. 1 Year later, the world is in ruin with Kefka ruling the world…It’s up to you to reassemble your party, and beat Kefka off his throne!

The Blitz Fire Dance, hits all enemies.

I think it’s dramatical scenes made me love this game though. You wouldn’t expect that the world actually gets half destroyed. And the theme of Celes really touched me back in the younger ages. The difficulty in this game isn’t too high in my opinion, but you always have to be prepared before going to somewhere. But you don’t get difficulties like being under leveled, as far as I know. This is a bit of a shame, combined with all hidden tricks and gimmicks you can use in this game. Yes, that’s the problem of this game. It’s UNBALANCED and you can BUG ABUSE. There’s a lot of variety in the characters though, so you might try a bit of a challenge yourself by frequently changing characters. Some are pretty bad though.

First of all, Blitz, one of the most overpowered special moves ever, by Sabin. It basically costs NO mana at all, and is in fact one of the strongest special moves ever in the game. Blitz is done by pressing A: input a known combination, and press A again. Aside from the fact that your thumb might hurt because you’ve been doing some Blitz that requires a 360 movement all the time, it’s too cheap. Maybe a reason why this Blitz with 360 input is called Bum Rush.
Beside that, there are items that make this game too easy, once again. These items are for example: the Economizer; the Offering; the Gem Box. Economizer causes 1MP cost for everything, Offering causes X Fight, which means you attack 4 times instead of 1 time. The Gem Box causes X Magic, by casting 2 spells instead of one.

I’ll tell ya what’s wrong!

There are also bugs in this game which causes a lot of good stuff to happen. There are 3 major bugs which I’m going to tell now. First of all, there’s the Evade/Mg.Block bug. You can’t abuse this too much, but basically, evasion has 0% effect in this game, and Magic Block causes evade instead. If you’re Blinded, for example, you still hit 100%. When your Mg.Block is 128%(don’t ask me why 128), you’re invincible. Both magical and physical evasion will be 100%.

The second bug is the Slot bug of Setzer. Everyone loves Setzer. Even though he sucks, he has one trick up his sleeve. There’s a slot magic called Joker Doom, which causes instant death for all enemies. The thing is, but influencing the random number generator, you can get Joker Doom all the time, making this game too easy. Just use and Echo Screen the first thing you do, and let Setzer try to get three 7’s after the smoke. It’ll be a piece of cake.
Not only this causes instant death, also the Vanish/X Zone/Doom glitch makes you go laugh at Bosses dying in 2 spells. When you make a boss disappear with Vanish, he becomes vulnerable to any magical attack. Cast Doom or X Zone, and it’s again, instant death. This works on the Final Boss too.

Then there’s the Sketch glitch of Relm, which can cause 200x of any item if you sketch 2 different invisible monsters. Nothing can get lamer than that, but it can also make your cartridge die, so watch out with that.

3D view when going through the world map, pretty new back then.

I don’t hate this game though. Maybe because it was easy, but I really enjoyed this game. Like, why the hell is Kefka a frickin’ clown!? Though, you do get the feeling the game is a bit on the slow side…It took me only 36 hours to get a nice awesome finish. Well, off to the conclusion, after walls of text.

Yes we know you’re Atma, now fight already!


The story while being in the World of Balance is best, seeing that all characters have a specific string of fate attached to each other. Every character has their own things to do, but eventually join up against the evil. Maybe a bit on the stereotypic side, but seeing this game is already pretty old, I can take it. They all have a nice design. In the World of Ruin however, things might look a bit corny. You can already take on the final boss when you get your second Airship…that’s when you have 3 people out of 16… Without even Terra, the heroine of the game. I do like its concept though. 2 sides at conflict, though there’s one who’s at both sides, trying to achieve peace.

Tl;dr people: Cheap ‘n easy. Long version: Too many bugs and overpowered characters makes this game a bit too easy and linear. Magic is learnt via Magicite, which can make all people learn the strongest magic, Ultima. The first FF where it isn’t Meteo, by the way. The main character for this game is actually unknown, but everyone knows Terra is the answer to everything. On the emulator, pressing the fast forward button and the A button actually works a lot at the end…Thus showing how you get too powerful at the end.

Another overpowered subject: Esper summoning.

There’s only one reason why this game looks a lot more beautiful than the previous Final Fantasies. Simply, they used the larger version of the cartridge for this game, allowing a lot more music and better graphics. The SNES wasn’t capable of doing too much though, but it really did its job at this game.

I’d rarely give a 10 for anything, even for this. Even though I like the music. A lot. It made my cry in the past. Even now, hearing the World of Ruin theme makes me go like “Aww…”. I don’t have to complain about this. But it doesn’t have epic songs only. Some songs are like, argh stop it. Sound effects are nice though. I’m more used to the double slice SFX like in FFIV etc.

Final Conclusion: 8.4

It gets half point boost because it’s my favorite retro game nonetheless. It’s funny how I realize I sometimes grade somethings way above their worth. I would’ve expected a nine, until I found out that the gameplay is too simple, and too bugged. This game is always worth to play though, even if you’re a bit older.
Favorite games need long ranting, and so I stop typing any longer. See you guys next time…My hands are tired!
Don’t complain about my long posts though, or you’ll have to face Kefka the Clown:


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  1. 15-07-2010 at 18:35

    You might be interested in my full-length novelization of Final Fantasy VI, The Esper, which can be read on my website.

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