Koihime Musou

    Name: 恋姫†無双(Koihime†Musou)
    Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA
    Airtime: 09-07-2008 till 24-09-2008
    Sequel: Shin Koihime†Musou
    Producers: 5pb, Marvelous, Pony Canyon

I noticed the amount of anime reviews is quite low, but they also require the most work. This time it’s up to Koihime Musou, an eroge adaptation into this anime, where fanservice is a bit on the high side. You can read more about it later. Other recent news: The second season of Haruhi begon airing, which causes a lot of attention to be drawn to that instead. Perhaps I’ll write a small preview of it, while I’m at it. First things first, I’ve watched Koihime Musou with Menclave/AnimeOne/Pervert fansubs instead of Ayako for a reason: The DVD extras.


In the game, there was originally a male protagonist, but he was scrapped in the anime, for this reason: Yuri. Seriously, if the author wanted this to be a hentai, it would be easily possible, looking at those devious scenes. I mean, there are hardly any male around in this anime. Note that the plot is a bit based on that anyway. It’s a spin-off from the famous story called the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but with female characters instead. It’s about conflicts between kingdoms with a small spice of romance. But see for yourself, this just goes too far for words:

…Right. Note that this was also in the normal TV release, so way to go, censors in Japan!

So anyway, to avoid the distraction, I’ll just give a small summary of what this story is all about. It even has an open plot, so that quite sucks. It’s about a girl called Kan’u, trying to save the world from it’s conflicts and so on. A default hero(ine) storyline. All the characters have 1 thing in common. They all miss one or both parents, somehow. They all have such trauma, so it’s obviously they’re going to meet up with each other. Whilst gathering the group of heroines, one faction is trying to rule over all the other in a hidden plot. And guess what…That’s the end of this season. At least, it feels like that. The war lasted a few minutes…so far for a war…And what happens after the war? You don’t know! Yes folks, a standard setting with a cliffhanger, making it really look like it’s just for the fanservice. I think it is.

What fanservice? I guess the yuri fanservice I guess. I don’t really know. The fighting scenes are nice, but most of the series are just filling or meeting up with tons of the characters. Yes, there are a lot of different characters here. If I take a quick look at it, there are at least 25 detailed characters, because of the 5 different factions. Yes, they’re all female by the way.

As if they’re trying to kill you with their cuteness…

There’s a small reason why I preferred the group of subbers instead of Ayako. Afterwards, however, I found out that the translation quality of Menclave et all, is better than Ayako’s, which quite surprises me. Anyway, not only does the DVD version remove all the smoke and the like, there’s a special thing about Koihime Musou. Instead of censoring with smoke, they actually did the trouble to edit the animation, into super-deformed animations. In other words, chibi. Here’s an example of how it looks like now(and don’t mind the scene, it’s always like that):

The exact same frame, the upper being the DVD release, the lower being the TV release.

The style of this anime however, is nicely worked out, in my opinion. You do get the feeling it’s in the old times, but the girls tend to have a personality fitting a child of the new age…Even though they talk in very polite language. Aside from all the puns, it’s cool that this story still manages to get a decent story out of it, leave the fact that it hasn’t ended yet. No date of the second season is announced. I’ll be playing the visual novel to find out, probably. The romance is more like ecchi in this series, nonetheless. That’s what you get if it’s adapted from such a genre.

I wonder if this would work against real bandits…


Despite the beginning of a decent story, it’s only half finished, which gives you the feeling like: “This is it? Meh.” Added up with the overdose of the yuri overtones, it might be dropped out a bit too much. If you’ve ever read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms yourself, you might be astonished by the bad quality, maybe. I have no idea, I should read that novel once, when I have the time. Traumatized girls meeting up and secret plans revealing, it’s not the best plot of a series, but it’s viable.

Character Development(8/10)
I love the number eight. It’s not my favorite number(that’s 27), but it shows that it’s always a good point. Or well, in this case, it’s excessively good. Maybe too extreme. A girl loving other girls so much she wants to sleep with them is a bit too extreme for me. The relation between Kan’u and Chouhi is sweet but also very fragile. Not to mention the bond strengthens between the 5 major factions. On a side-note, the characters’ personalities are all very well worked out.

Out of the few battle scenes there were, they were very well worked out. Even though it’s just for a few minutes, I could tell that the usage of effects look quite par to like, Naruto or anything like that. Aside that this anime doesn’t have any magical elements at all. Also, every character seems to use a spear or halberd, which was a pity, because all fighting styles became the same. There are also funny parts where the animations went a bit too childish:

For example, this is a scene from Chouhi’s point of view.

There’s nothing special to the music. The OP and ED are both very enjoyable, as they’re also done by a cool band called fripSide. Overused sounds are yet again present in this anime, but I don’t care. Because of its randomness, I couldn’t really spot any difficulties. Maybe it sounds too happy for me.

Final Conclusion: 7.1
This final mark means it’s a so-so anime with so-so plot and so-so characters. People would only watch it for the sake of fanservice, or they desperately wanted to see anything related to that novel. I watched this just because I heard something about DVD not containing those dumb chibi scenes. Sorry, I’m not too fond of chibified characters. Besides, DVD offers better quality at animation as well, so I also have a fake motive.

I felt like I was milking out this review, just because there’s not so much to talk about in this anime, except for all the weirdness in all the characters. I might want to check the visual novel for more clues. Until then, have fun reading my other posts in the meanwhile. And to finish this post yet again with a funny picture, I thought this one was funny, although you need to know the infamous Pedobear. Because he’s everywhere, even if you don’t notice it:


2 Responses to “Koihime Musou”

  1. 1 Shiteimasu~
    29-05-2009 at 23:05

    Pedobear strikes again!

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