New series announced: Shana 3 and Nogizaka Haruka 2

I decided not to write reviews all the time, but some news is also interesting. Like this year is going to be one of the better years again, after the so-so winter season. After the rerun + new series of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, there’s even more hope for this year: Shakugan no Shana season 3 and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu season 2 have been announced recently! Note that Shakugan no Shana is one of my own favorite series, so I’m currently having a large smile on my face. Though, it was more than expected.

Even though I’m going to review Shana sooner or later anyway, I just have to say that it was too obvious that there was going to be another season. The cliffhanger was too visible, it couldn’t just end like that. The only con of the second season of Shakugan no Shana, but I hope the third season will meet my expectations. I personally can’t wait.


Anyway, the July issue of the magazine called Dengeki Bunko Magazine has announced new information about the next project of Shakugan no Shana. Speculations about a new season have been around for ages now, and this information proves that there will be a new season, to be aired in October.

dai 2-ki

It is still unknown whether this would be a new season, or rather a remake, because the mag says this: “Shakugan no Shana Dai 2-ki, Starting Broadcast in October!”
This could be translated as ‘Second Season’ or ‘Part Two’, which is weird because it already exists. Most likely, it’s just the third season because of the obvious cliffhanger I told you about. More information is yet unknown, the magazine releases the 10th of June.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Moreover, there’s also the announcement about the pretty known series Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. The second season, which is quite of a sudden, is announced to start airing this October as well. I really enjoyed the first season, so the second season will be quite enjoyable too. I wonder what will be the plot though, we’ll have to wait…4 months to find out.

The source can be found here, although it might be unreadable for most of you.

They fit nicely together, too…


2 Responses to “New series announced: Shana 3 and Nogizaka Haruka 2”

  1. 01-06-2009 at 20:37

    Woot, Haruka ^^ Finally! Moe moe series ftw ^^ Now HOPEFULLY they won’t be resetting the relationship, that’s not fun >__<

    Shana… Meh, I prefer the side characters over Yuugi and Shana :P Actually, I might find it bearable again with Yuugi would just disappear… Taking Shana with him would have been a plus but whatever… You can't have everything in this life.

    • 2 Chrouya
      01-06-2009 at 21:29

      I’m still more fond of Yoshida x Yuuji than Shana x Yuuji. Not because I hate Rie Kugimiya or anything, I’m more of the true romance instead of such tsundere attitude. Yuuji himself isn’t such a bad of a character in my opinion. He isn’t too indifferent, and acts quite well as the main character.

      And Haruka…I don’t think they won’t reset the relationship, or else nothing was achieved in the first series. I do not know what they’re up to though. As I said, it’s quite a guess.

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