Name: ぽてまよ(Potemayo)
    Episodes: 12 + 6 Specials
    Airtime: 07-07-2007 till 22-09-2007
    Producers: J.C Staff

With some stress relieved thanks to some projects that had to be done for school, I guess I should do more reviews now and then, but getting the inspiration is quite a hard thing. Makes me feel like the webcomic Mistakes of Youth, where wildarmsheero tried to do like, 2 comics a week, but he couldn’t keep that up. Same feeling here, I think I need my time. Anyway, this time I think I’ve really watched the wrong series, since this series didn’t keep me too interested. It’s main crowd pleaser: moeblob. I didn’t watch all specials; they were hard to obtain at that time. I have watched it with Anime-Share Fansubs.

Title cap

So why the hell am I watching moeblob at highest rate? I frankly don’t know, I expected a bit more from this series. Anime News Network giving genres that totally don’t fit the series, the summary which was quite interesting but sadly, that’s it. I guess I didn’t drop this series because I don’t really hate extreme moe, or else I would’ve dropped way more animes before. For example, take K-ON! or something. Without too much of an introduction and a story, you’re only left with comedy. What more do I have to say?

So like, some indifferent main character called Sunao, suddenly found a weird ‘monster’, but appears to like him. Throughout the series, still unknown where she comes from, but apparently nobody cares. Read: moeblob taken very literally. There’s also some girl who has an obvious crush on him, and this anime really exaggerates it so much, it was almost starting to piss me off actually. Just keep it normally…And other typical characters who are made fun of. 2 characters were voiced by the almighty Rie Kugimiya, once again. Counted up: A blockhead, a nympho with a siscon brother, a gay, a pervert, a rich but young ojou-sama, and literal moeblobs called Potemayo and Guchiko. I guess that’s the point of all the comedy.


Even though I realize I didn’t explain the story yet, it’s really unneeded. First you get to know the characters very well. Nothing special happened until like, the last 3 or 4 episodes really made the difference. Then, they start to bloom some kind of flower on their heads. I have totally no idea what it means, apparently it grows if you put feelings in it, as usual. So, they suddenly fly off, drama causing Natsu to hug Sunao in despair. Oh my, the first real character development, in the last episode! After that, they suddenly…return back to life, nothing special happened.

Now you’ve done it. Graphic error, maybe? His finger is off too D:

Yes, it feels as if I was watching a show especially made for children. Yet it was given the tags ecchi, fanservice and all the like. I don’t understand it. Thanks to my perseverance, I still kept watching though. It had lots of scenes where you can laugh at or can make you put your palm up your face. Unfortunately, there is where it ends. For only 12 episodes, each containing 2 mini-chapters by the way, it feels as if you can watch right through it. If you skip episodes, you miss nothing. My favorite character is Guchiko for your information, just because she can utterly destroy you with her ornaments that can fire lasers. Not to mention that she wields a large scythe.

Om nom nom.

The screenshots this time aren’t too interesting, and surprisingly, most of them are from Mikan and Natsu Yasumi…let’s leave that little pun aside. Even though I said I didn’t like the exaggerated part of that relation between Sunao and Natsu, those parts were the parts I liked most I think, since I’m still a bit of a fan of romance comedy, also known as romcom. Oh well, up to the conclusion.

What to do if your sister is idling in the bathroom.


Oh no, my first insufficient mark. Well, truth to be said, I actually wanted to rate it even lower. I’m normally a nice guy who always gives positive marks. But in this case? Meh, this wasn’t enough. Come on, monsters coming out of the fridge without a proper reason. They’re just there, and every happens to accept it. I mean, what the f*ck. Why is nobody reacting like. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FOR THING!? But no. In anime, everything is tolerable. Nobody gives a shit. I actually do care about story, so I’m not happy with this.

Character Development(7/10)
Yeah, It might look as if I’m ranting now. Maybe I am. Maybe I’ve been the good guy for too long. Giving bad marks is inevitable in life. About the character development, I guess it’s okay. Guchiko and Potemayo don’t really change until later stages. Though they can’t speak, aside from Potemayo’s honi honi and su-nya-o. I wonder how those voice actresses were up for that. Mudo becoming the slave of Nene, that rich girl with in insanely high pitched voice(That’s Kugimiya Rie for you). Mikan’s feelings do get accepted more and more, so that’s something I do like. However, I do not like the homosexual tones in this anime. I wonder why they’ve put that in the series.

This anime is drawn very simply. I guess because it’s not that new either, but they could’ve done a better job at it. The more I think about it, the more my doubt about this being a child’s show is fading away. Not that this anime needs perfect animation and the like. However, sometimes, you might want to think that it’s going too far sometimes:
Animation at its best. */sarcasm*

It’s plausible. The OP and ED aren’t too special, just listen to the youtube video above to hear what it’s like. There’s a wide variety of themes, where the background music is based on. Not too epic, but not bad. As always, I realize there’s not much to talk about, when you’re talking about audio aspects.

Final Conclusion: 6.3
It’s still above the 6 rounded up. Seems I’m still the nice guy. Not to mention that the marks for audio and visual were actual a lot higher, but I forced myself to be critic for once. It wasn’t bad, but I feel that I wasted my time on this series. Check it out if you like moeblob and comedy shit, because you won’t get more than that. I’m thinking about starting new stuff on my blog to keep it interesting, be sure to check it out. By the way, they even said this series was to be appropriate for all ages, but there was only one scene that bugged me a bit…

Fantasize further yourself.


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