Milestone: 1000 views

This guy’s mixes are awesome by the way.

I should carry on with my site, it’s so inactive people think it’s already dead. My answer? No it isn’t. I’m in the midst of exams and all of that school stuff, what makes my spare time ranging from really short to none. I still have 18 articles to post, but I’ve yet to start them. So please, don’t leave so fast, eh. As a matter of fact, I noticed the hits are past the 1000 this month, that’s why I’d have to celebrate that with a little post. Because I lack those ‘Thank you! 1000 Views” pictures, I decided to create one in 5 minutes:


At least you can see my favorite character from Little Busters! there, Kudryavka Noumi.

It seems I keep apologizing for late articles, I’m sorry. Even my fan fiction’s first chapter isn’t finished because I got new sources that seems best to use at the beginning of the story. So yes, I’ll have to write the whole story again. Rest assured though, my holiday begins in 3 weeks, and I hope I can blog to my fullest afterwards. What I’m going to blog about is still a secret, however.

Another side note: It was my birthday 2 weeks ago! Yes, that means I’m now “allowed” to buy beer and all those shit you could’ve done at any time, but society doesn’t care. However, I’m still not satisfied that I’m only 16…I hate being young…and I know I’ll take those words back when I’m older.


And yeah, I don’t know what more to talk about. I hope you guys are able to forgive me, but whatever. I still get daily views, what I’m quite happy with. Lately I’ve been getting friend-invites via referrals as well, so all is well. Education in the Netherlands sucks, because there’s a lot of MUST DO’s every year, some being really tiresome, like reading books. I don’t like reading books except for visual novels, which is quite rare.
Though, I’m not really quite done with this post though, it looks too small. Yes, I’m quite fond of typing long articles containing worthless stuff. As if I’m almost going to use this blog as some kind of Twitter site, just to update what I’ve been doing all the time. Aside from school, I’m lurking around lately, causing random events to occur every now and then. For example, there’s also this article on Sankaku Complex, written by Quen, but I was the one who came up with that idea. The dutchmen should know by now what I’m talking about. The relation between Sankaku Complex and the Netherlands? Yes, it’s that pedophile swimming teacher that was in the news sometime ago. You can read the article here:



Not really requested, but this is currently the status of my room…It’s a mess, and I even use a notepad as for my mouse! Just to show that I’m too busy with noting stuff…and I lately ruined my original pad. You can see mIRC on my screen…I actually planned to take a photo of my wallpaper, but apparently I forgot. I use mIRC 24/7, more or less.

For your information, I’m not really that inactive on this blog…I’m just waiting for some pics before I can post up several articles. Which is quite a shame, because Chibicon is now already more than 1 week ago, while my post is still pending. Though, I think it’s worth the awesome pictures. The fan fiction is still in progress, but lately my head has been full of other topics, so I rarely had the chance to build out a cool story. Note that not only motivation is needed. Some innovation is required as well…and that’s what has been lacking these days lately. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older? I can’t place myself in such stories so well anymore, it’s a shame. So, decided I need to get some innovation, I turned on the TV and put the channel on Nick Toons, and what do I get?


So yeah, if any Dutchmen wants to see “real” anime, then this is your chance. Though, I don’t think people are that fond of Tokyo Mew Mew in the Netherlands, but I guess it’s worth the motivation…Or so I thought. The instant that I started watching this anime on TV, it felt as if my heart died from the inside. The reason? It should be obvious by now. Dutch dubbers SUCK. Maybe it isn’t that noticable in Pokémon(the other anime, though most of the normal people can’t seperate anime from cartoon in this country), but it’s still bad. Hell, I’d even think it’s worse than English dubs. But for the people not yet known to anime, and should they be so lazy that they want Dutch dubs, now is your chance. Just for the hell of it, I’ll write down the airtime here:

    Nick Toons(Satellite only)
    Every schoolday from 17:20 to 18:10

You might have noticed I’ve been fiddling around with the camera. Indeed, I’ve taken control of the camera instead of my brother, because of fail that happened at Chibicon 2009. You can now also draw a line between the delay of the article and the photos. Yes, I had to rely on someone else. More information will be readable at the Chibicon 2009 article itself. Alright,  this was just to inform you that I’m not dead, so I’ll write soon again…as for now, good night. Oh, and a finishing picture just to attract some more readers:
Of course, I’m also going to talk about K-On and Haruhi once…but for now, loli Fate :3


2 Responses to “Milestone: 1000 views”

  1. 22-06-2009 at 16:19

    Congrats! Jut dropping by…I wanted to see what Pink-Icy-Nee-San’s site looks like :D

  2. 2 Shiteimasu~
    22-06-2009 at 23:22

    gratz on 1000 views Chrouya!

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