Twilight Paragram – Prologue

While you enjoy my favorite music of all times, I’m going to explain what this post is all about. Actually, I’ve been creating a story in my head, but I never really had the chance to write it on paper. Now is the time that I do so. Note that the naming already shows what this is all about. Twilight is referring to Twilight Princess, where the world was separated in 2 different dimensions. The light world, and the twilight world. My generic idea was that there’s another world hidden within this world. The typical storyline, but I still want to write it out. Perhaps it might interest you.


The second part of the name, paragram, might not be known in everyone’s ears. A paragram is another word for a pun. Simply said, I’m referring to other games and series while I’m writing my story. I guess it’s a typical hero-story but I’m not someone who likes to be overpowered. I’m a support type, and maybe it’s a bit visible in my story.

The story is rated for all ages, so there isn’t any malicious content in my text. Note that this is only text, I don’t think people would really think that far, although it’s still possible. If you want to add yourself into my story, please tell in what kind of situation you want to be in. Obviously, include your name, and other characteristic traits. I don’t even care if you’re female. Note that romance might be included in my fiction, I don’t know if people can live with it. I honestly don’t really care about comments, I dream how I want to dream, as it’s the least thing I can do.


The story didn’t meet its end yet by now, and probably won’t end for a long time as well. Suggestions are very welcome, for when I’m out of inspiration. For example, in modern Japan, if you think of a storyline with your character, I might make you the lead character while I’m fitting that story together with mine. Some kind of collaboration is very interesting to do. I’ve done it on forums before as well, but it wasn’t too serious. This time, I am quite serious, and the first few chapters will not have too many friends in it, unless you tell me very quickly.

I hope you will enjoy my story. While I’m typing, I’m still left with some scenes where it’s really simplified and too simple. I will write my problems down here. For now I need help with:

  • How can I easily go from time to time?
    For example: I want to add fighting scenes in it around Medieval, though I do need to get to Modern Japan. Should I use some kind of teleporter? A dream? I have no idea for now.

To search for chapters, just go to the search widget, and search for chapter numbers, like: “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, etc. Another problem of such fanfictions, is that they’re several stories. Mostly, I use my own self as main character. As for this time, I had to rename every own name into Chrouya, so it’ll look at least a bit original. I think I’ve explained enough for now. So if you have any suggestions or criticism, please place the comments in this post, so I’ll keep a note of it.

So, if you’re ready to go, let’s go reading!

  1. Chapter 1 – Nucular (Going to be redone after revision, don’t worry, 18 chapters are at least planned.)

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1 Response to “Twilight Paragram – Prologue”

  1. 1 Aendoran
    01-11-2009 at 16:11

    Just the fighting can be easy, but if you really want to go there, I suggest rifts in time/dimensions. :P

    Edit: in medieval stuff :P (forgot that)

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