Lol, Update #1

So, you might have noticed I’ve been busy changing a lot of things on my blog. Though I don’t have too much time left…Why does holiday go so fast, in a couple of days I’ll be on school again. Don’t worry, I’ll keep on blogging even though, school isn’t always that stressful, especially at the start. Anyway, I’ve created a little list of updates that will be explained one by one. And I won’t make it a too long post like before.

Disregarding the K-ON! wallpaper…

You can see my desktop turned into something real different than it was before. Remember the 19″ monitor that was there before? As I gave that piece to my father, he gave me this beautiful 24″ TV-monitor, absolutely free. Well, for him it wasn’t that ‘free’, but I didn’t had to pay. I guess I’m being spoiled too much, derp. Nonetheless, the selection was made by me, since this monitor has quite a lot of inputs for consoles. As a result, I can finally play on the PS2 whilst sitting behind my PC, it’s pretty ideal. It’s called “Samsung SyncMaster T240HD”, and it indeed has full HD support. It’s quality is great, and will surely bring a smile on my face when watching HD anime, heh.

Oh, and there’s no notepad used as mouse mat anymore, finally.

Source: Tokido Saya of the Little Busters! Ecstasy cast.

So you might have noticed my new header as well by now. It’s really simple image editing with Photoshop CS3, but then again, I never work with such programs. It also looks a bit low on quality, but I think I can fix that later. I couldn’t really get a good idea of a subtitle, so it looks a bit simple. Maybe someone else has better ideas?
Also note that this won’t be the only header. I think I’m going to integrate other images for the same thing. Probably Melty Blood Actress Again, since that’s the latest 2D fighter I’ve been playing recently. I’ll blog more about it when I feel like it.

Another subject I’d like to discuss: karaoke. People might know that I like to rip openings and endings with karaoke. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game OP/ED or an anime OP/ED, as long as it’s original(mostly Japanese) and has karaoke. Much to my dismay, not everything has been subbed in my big list. So I’ve been thinking of putting karaoke in it myself, if it’s within my range of skill. The name of the karaoke subs fits exactly with my personality: LAKS, Lol Anime Karaoke Subs.
For your information, laks is Dutch for lax, slack. Not really too proud with that specialty I have.

Here you see me meddling with Aegisub.

Once these projects are finished, they’re going to be stored in the MegaUpload folder called “lol, anime”. Here you can all my creations I’ve done so far, related to video editing. Maybe I’ll up them on Youtube if it doesn’t waste too much time. Note that this folder will increase in files as it gets updated, so keep this link in mind.


The same could be said over another thing I’ve taken care of: a live animelist. Though, it won’t be published on MyAnimeList.net. I’m not in the mood of exporting 300+ animes into it, while I got my own list. The solution? A site that renders my excel file online. So here’s another link that will update once in a while:


I was rewatching Kashimashi recently.

Another recent change is the kanji of my nickname, Chrouya. I was looking through the name kanji, and found out that night(夜, yoru) can also be pronounced as ‘ya‘ when used as a name syllable. Of course, Dark Night sounds a lot more fitting than a simple Dark Arrow. The only problem? You can also pronounce my name as Chrouyo(ru) now. Boo.

Last but not least, the “more” tag being entered into every post I’ve made so far, so you don’t get the whole story when you visit the home page. I didn’t really know how it worked back then, but now it seems to do its work, and you can now see up to 10 of the latest posts until it says “read older posts”. I’ve also redone the fan fiction page, since it’d become a mess if I put every fanfic prologue as a page. I have made more than 3 fanfics, so I decided to make a general fanfic page with links to every fanfic. Alas, they aren’t online yet, but that’s a problem for later.

Forgot this most important end-of-post screen @ Tales of Vesperia.


2 Responses to “Lol, Update #1”

  1. 02-09-2009 at 17:13

    Pocky? I haven’t had that in a while.

  2. 2 Aendoran
    07-09-2009 at 19:33

    nice monitor, now i have reason to envy you about pc’s :P
    Going to read chapter 1 and 2 now :P
    let’s see if it’s better then the chapter 1 i know :P

    Greetz :P

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