Heroes from the Outer World – Prologue

So, not requested, but more of a capsule for old memories and shame. I’ve made this years back with an Internet friend of mine, and now we look back, we know there wasn’t too much effort put into it. Nonetheless it was the first fanfic I actually “finished” and also the first that got shared with others. Although, there weren’t too many opinions. Maybe the community we were in back then was a little inactive, or just could not be arsed to read this stuff.

I had to redo all the grammar again, now I got older and a bit wiser…the way it’s written is also not too positive for WordPress, so at least I did some trouble instead of copying it over. It was also just written in a .txt file…Ah the good old days. The story is written with a bit of a HoMM-perspective. That means, Heroes of Might and Magic. The other creator, Exa Thundercloud, always thought of some role playing aspects, like alignments. I, with my previous fantasy name クロノ・恵美(Chrono Megumi), just followed his ideas, more or less. I guess it’s called HftOW for short, or 外の世界から英雄 in Japanese(If you ever wanted to know).

It’s all touhou related material, but the story is all about the 2, Exa and Chrono. I’d assume you should only read if you know a little bit Touhou lore, but I guess you won’t be missing out on too much. Just saying one thing though: The majority of the beings(not necessarily humans) are female. Think about, 99%. No one gives a shit about the males there, so a collision between that world and our world might be a but too tough.

So yeah, we’re going to enter Gensokyo, helping out those girls while we also have our quests to accomplish. The story isn’t too deep, but might bring you into confusion. I actually planned to put chapter 1 on the same page as the prologue, but that seems to be unlikely. I’ve been typing the introduction too long, I’ll just resume the chapters just like my other fanfics.

If you have enough willpower to read, here’s the list of chapters:

  1. Chapter 1 – The Land Behind the Boundary
  2. Chapter 2 – The Way to the Forest of Magic
  3. Chapter 3 – Experte Fokussierenmethoden
  4. Chapter 4 – An Icy Battle…
  5. Chapter 5 – The Scarlet Devil Mansion
  6. Chapter 6 – Turning Point
  7. Chapter 7 – The ‘Danmaku’ Training
  8. Chapter 8 – A Failed Experiment!?
  9. Chapter 9 – A Request from the Underworld
  10. Chapter 10 – Friend or Foe? Alice’s Fate
  11. Epilogue – The Serenity…

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