HftOW Ch.2 – The Way to the Forest of Magic

“So… do you know something about the position of the staff?” Exa asked. “Eh… not really.” Chrono answered. “Then where should we start the search?” “Maybe we can ask someone at the shrine.” “Do you know if they can help us?” “Well, it’s always worth a try.” “True, let’s go!” The shrine was in fact the infamous Hakurei Shrine, where Reimu Hakurei lives. Reimu is well-known by residents of Gensokyo, however, Exa and Chrono don’t live in Gensokyo… Anyway, when they nearly reached the shrine, they saw the shrine maiden.

Visualization material.

“Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” Exa said. “That depends on what you want to ask. But first, who are you?” Reimu answered. “I’m Exa Thundercloud, a Lightning Mage.” “And I’m Chrono Megumi, a …mercenary. “Why don’t you say that you’re a ninja?” Exa whispered to Chrono. “She needn’t know everything about us.” “You don’t trust her?” “That’s not the case…” “…That’s enough! Stop whispering about!” Reimu shouted. “Oh, we’re sorry.” “Anyway, I haven’t introduced myself yet: I’m Reimu Hakurei, the miko of this shrine.” “You’re the only miko of this shrine?” Chrono asked. “Indeed, but what do you want to, actually?” The heroes replied in an instant: “We search for a magical staff called Dispear. Do you know anything about it?” “Dispear? I’ve heard about it before, but I can give you some advice…In the Forest of Magic lives an ordinary magician called Marisa Kirisame. She’s a collectomaniac, so maybe she has something just what you need.”

Reimu Hakurei & Marisa Kirisame

“I’ll excuse me for asking this, but where is the Forest of Magic?” Exa said. “What, you don’t know? “No, we don’t…” “Alrighty then, go north and take a path through the Snow Covered Forest, after that you’ll reach Mayohiga.” “Mayo…higa?” “It’s a village, but be careful, since you might get attacked!” “Don’t worry, we’re experienced, right Chrono” “Uhh…Yeah! We won’t have any problems with ambushes and the like!” “Beyond Mayohiga lies the Forest of Magic…Please heed my warning and you won’t regret it…” “Thanks you for your help! See you later!” Exa waved the shrine maiden off. “Bye bye…” Meanwhile, Reimu was thinking: I don’t know what this Dispear thing could be, but it must be something very important…

Exa and Chrono started to walk through the Snow Covered Forest. It is a beautiful, but very cold place. Exa’s mind wavered…It would be good if Dracon was here…Chrono had less problems with the cold, because he went through a hard physical training as a ninja, which involved getting some resistance against the nature’s elements. After a while, a group of fairies appeared. “Stop right there!” they said. “W..w..why?” Exa answered, still suffering from the cold. “D-don’t shoot us anymore!” “Shoot?” Chrono asked. “Yes, like that red-white miko and her magician friend!” “B-but we’re n-not them!” “Like he said, we don’t want to shoot any of you all! We just want to go through this forest!” Chrono seemed determined. “Where’s the proof!?” “You see, we don’t shoot others for fun…If we would want to shoot you, we would’ve already done that, you know?” “Hmm…maybe you’re right…You may pass, but if any of you attacks us, then…” “All right!” they both answered.
After they left the forest, Exa felt better. That cold almost killed me.

The fairies, also known as the Prismriver sisters.

They reached Mayohiga. It doesn’t look very different from any other village, but they’re prepared for an attack nonetheless. Exa chanted a small meditation which makes casting lighting spells easier, and Chrono prepared his kunai (throwing needles). They went past the border, when suddenly…
… a human-like creature appeared, but she had cat’s ears and tail. Her name was Chen, the shikigami of Ran Yakumo, a nekomata who is skilled in black magic arts. “Whaccha want?” she asked. “We just want to go through the village and go to the Forest of Magic.” answered Exa. “… but before that, you want to get some good fortune items, right?” “Good fortune items?” Exa was surprised but didn’t fall for it: “Don’t try to fool me, you’re just like Reimu!” Chrono thought a for a second…That miko didn’t seem to do something like that…However, Exa was certain. “You can’t judge someone just by outside. Now get lost!” After that, Chen started to shoot magical attacks against Exa and Chrono. They are not one, not several, but many attacks.

So, that’s danmaku…“Taste my lighting, you cat-human!” he shouted, and shoots a Lighting Bolt to Chen, but the nekomata easily avoided the attack. Chrono’s kunai were ineffective, too. The black magic continued to get closer and closer to the heroes. Exa casted a Lighting Shield to protect himself, and Chrono avoided the shots. Then something popped into Exa’s mind! “Chrono, I’ll charge your thrown kunai with electricity!” “Alright, let’s do it!” The combined strike of Electric Charge and Multiple Throw worked, as they managed to hit Chen. “But this is not the end of the battle!” And she casted a spell which shot bullets as if they come from an egg. It was Wizard Sign “Phoenix Egg”. The immense number of attacks surprised Exa and Chrono. There are much more bullets than before. How should they avoid all of them?

It’s sure that a frontal attack would be a big mistake. Maybe, if we can divide her attention, then we could be more effective, Exa thought. “Chrono, attack her from the back, I’ll divert her!” he said. Exa starts casting Sparks – it’s not very strong, but makes more shots than a Lighting Bolt – even though it’s still fewer than a danmaku attack. But Chen just laughed. “Fools, you can’t go through my spell!” And it wasn’t a joke! More and more shots came and even though Chrono progressed, Exa found the situation more and more desperate. Even with Lightning Shield, it seemed impossible to survive this. And one stream of shot hit him, just about the same time when Chrono managed to reach Chen.

Chen Yakumo, looking innocent from the outside…

“You hurt my friend, I’ll kill you!” Chrono went to a berserk-like state, and throw some more kunai to the nekomata. The strikes Chrono dealt to Chen could easily be deadly to a normal human, but Chen wasn’t a normal human. “Oh, you’re quite good, eh. Then feel my true wrath!” “Oh my god, another spell? Does she ever run out of mana?” Exa was so desperate. “We can’t give up!” But the nekomata prepared one more spell; if we can count this as a spell. Chen was flying around like crazy, in the shape of a pentagram, summoning even more shots. That was Shikigami Sign ‘Pentagram Flight’. “Chrono, get back, it’s too dangerous to stay there!” Exa said, but it was too late. Even though Chrono was very talented in avoiding, even that was too many for him. The spell hurt him, too. Now both Exa and Chrono were injured, and the attack seemed impossible to stop.‘We must find a weak spot on this spell! It mustn’t be unbreakable,’ they thought. “Concentrate, Chrono…concentrate… Yes, I see! – said Chrono. “These shots go through a similar pattern, so it’s possible to avoid them. Just follow me!” I hope Chrono knows what he’s doing.

The plan seemed to work. Okay, throw some kunai in front of her! Chrono did this – even though the previous injury caused him so much pain – and Exa shot some more Sparks to knock the kunai to Chen… and he lost his consciousness. However, the kunai hit the nekomata, causing her some serious damage. “You win this time, but we’ll meet again someday” she said angered and flew away. Chrono ran to Exa. He had one Potion of Healing, so he used it on the Lightning Mage. After a while, Exa opened his eyes. “Is she… dead?” “No, she is still alive, but we’ll find her someday. The more important thing is, are you OK, my friend?” “Well, …sort of. You saved my life, thank you!” “Friends help each other out, right.” So Exa and Chrono fought their first battle in Gensokyo. It seems that the next challenges would be very hard, too…

Originally from the anime Macademi Wasshoi!

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  1. 1 Aendoran
    07-09-2009 at 19:47

    I think there was quite some effort in this, but it’s certainly not professional, actually, it’s really short cut i think.
    Well, still, the story could be nice :P

    I am looking forward more to your own Fan-fic ^^

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