HftOW Ch.3 – Experte Fokussierenmethoden

In English: Expert Focusing Methods

Finally, our heroes left Mayohiga and they’re almost at the Forest of Magic, but they’re still tired and wounded. “We need to refill our items, we’ve completely run out of anything!” Chrono sighed. “I… don’t want to disturb your thinking, but I think there is a building there! We should ask if there is a shop nearby!” Exa said. Chrono answered awkward: In the middle of the forest?” “Well, as you said earlier, it’s worth a try. We’ll need to pass it, anyway. “All right, let’s go.” Exa and Chrono went to the building and were surprised. It unexpectedly WAS a shop called Kourindou, ran by Rinnosuke Morichika. It is said it has everything a traveller, an adventurer or a hero needs.

“How can I be of help?” Rinnosuke asked. “Well, we’ll need food rations for three days for two people, four healing potions and two antidotes.” Chrono said. “…and two mana potions.” Exa added. “Okay, six food rations – 3000 yen, four healing potions – 2000 yen, two antidotes – 1500 yen, two mana potions – 1800 yen. That’ll be 8300 yen. “One question though… are other currencies acceptable?” Exa asked. “That depends on the currency. I can’t accept any worthless currencies. “How about this?” Exa showed Rinnosuke some gold pieces. “Whoa, is this real gold?” “Of course! I don’t want to make people distrust me!” “Wow, you’re pretty fair.” Chrono whispered to Exa. “Thanks.” Exa smiled. “To tell the truth, I have never seen this currency before, so I’ll need to evaluate this. One moment please.” Rinnosuke said. “No problem.”

Rinnosuke is one of the only males in this world…

After a few minutes: “Ok, each GP is equal to 100 yen. So, you need to pay 83 GP.” “Here you are.” “Thanks…By the way, you’re new here, right?” “Yes, we have just arrived today.” “Hm. No wonder you actually paid for the bought things. Some of the residents here tend to steal things…” “Really?” “Unfortunately, it’s true. Also consider that I don’t have many customers… but at least I don’t have concurrency. Anyway, thanks for visiting my shop, have a good day!” Rinnosuke closed the shop at the same time. After they left Kourindou, Exa and Chrono sat down. They haven’t eaten since they were here, and they need some relaxing. They still had a long way today…But because of the effect of the food, and the potions, they felt much better. Afterwards they continued their way to the forest.

“I have some strange feeling about this place…” Exa said. “I don’t feel anything.” “There is some magical force nearby.” “I have no magical sense, you know.” “Yes, I kno…” *BOOOOOOM* Exa couldn’t finish the sentence, because a huge laser blew in front of them. “What the hell?” Chrono stared at the smoke that released after the explosion. “That MUST’VE been the magical force which I felt. Let’s go! – and they run to the right, from where the laser came. And they found a witch-looking girl in black clothes. “YOU ALMOST KILLED US!!!” Chrono shouted. “Everyone knows that I’m practicing Master Spark on Fridays, ぜ.” “WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT! You shouldn’t shoot lasers at random!” “Okay, Chrono, calm down! She couldn’t know that we would come.” “Yet you too shoot your lightning everywhere…” Chrono was still angry. “No, I don’t say…” “You’re a magician too? That’s interesting, ぜ. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Marisa Kirisame.” “So, you’re Marisa Kirisame! That’s great! We’ve heard your name, and in fact we were searching for you.” “Really? Well, what do you want?” “…We know that you collect a lot of things.” “Yes, that’s true, ぜ.” “Do you perhaps have a staff called Dispear? It focuses Light and Dark magic, creating an extraordinary strong power.” “Hmm, let’s see…” and Marisa went back to her house. Chrono and Exa followed her.

You can’t graze it.

“Okay, is that what you need?” Marisa showed a beautiful staff to our heroes. “Yes, that’s what we need…I guess.” “But for this, you need to do me a favor, ぜ.” “What? Another meaningless side-quest?” Chrono couldn’t believe that he was so near the Dispear and yet he couldn’t reach it. “Don’t worry, we’ll do it fast, and we’ll get your staff.” Exa was still calm. “And what’ll happen if we must fight against some other crazy danmaku user?” “Think of this as a challenge. By the way, what should we do?” “As you leave the forest, you’ll see a lake. In the middle of the lake, there is the Scarlet Devil Mansion, ぜ. “…Devil? We need to fight with demons? No way I’ll agree to that!” Chrono shook his head. “Not really. If you do it right, you needn’t fight, ぜ. In that mansion, there is the Voile Magic Library, where you can find a book called ‘Meister von Energie – Experte Fokussierenmethoden‘. Bring me the book, and the staff is yours, ぜ!” “So, do we need to STEAL it?” “Just borrow it… without the permission of the owner, ぜ.” Exa thought…I have a bad feeling about this. “Don’t worry, we can do it! Let’s hurry and get that book!” “Have a nice trip, ぜ!”

The members of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Our heroes left Marisa’s house, and walked further. “It’s already evening, we must find a place to rest.” Chrono said. “Okay, but where? We can’t just sleep in the forest.” “Hm… good question.” As they went further, their hope has weakened. It was almost midnight, and they didn’t find a place to rest. But they saw a light. “A house! Maybe we can rest there!” – Exa was so happy. He knocked on the door. The door opened, and… “Do you know what time of day it is now?” the girl asked who opened the door. “Sorry, but we’re very tired, and we need to find a place to rest.” “And do you think this is the best method?” “We’ve just arrived here today, and we don’t know this place at all.” “In that case, I guess can allow you to stay for the night.” “Thanks!” Exa and Chrono entered the house, and they saw that the house was full of dolls. But they were too tired to think about it, so they went to the bed and went to sleep. That was their first day in Gensokyo, the land behind the boundary…

They did not know her identity…yet…

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