HftOW Ch.4 – An Icy Battle…

I couldn’t help but make a small paragraph about this chapter. The chapter itself very short, in my opinion. But what’s more important, is that I’m really 1 day late with this post, as you can see the date. I think you understand where this is all about. Yes, in this chapter, we’re going to battle that lovely stupid snow fairy, Cirno. For the people who don’t know about Cirno and the number ⑨:
In the manual, there was a screenshot in aid of showing you what is seen on the screen. For example: (①. Your life-bar) gave a short description of the according ① on the screenshot. Cirno was also labeled, but with the number ⑨. The description? バカ(‘baka’, idiot/stupid)
Cirno is also quite the clumsy fairy, thus she’s pretty known in the fanbase of Touhou. The “Cirno Day” only arrives once per millennium, with this indication: 09-09-09. So yeah, this post is one/two days late, but I’m still wishing the fans of the Touhou fanbase a belated Cirno Day.


Exa opened his eyes. He didn’t sleep much, but he got used to it. But what he saw first, wasn’t really ordinary. Two of the dolls which he saw yesterday flew into the room with a tray with glasses on it. “Aaaaahhhh! I can’t believe it!” he screamed. “Please, scream more quietly, I want to sleep a bit more…” Chrono answered. “But… the dolls are flying!” “I don’t care… wait, what did you say?” “Look, the dolls are flying! These are not ordinary dolls!” Chrono immediately opened his eyes too, and realized what Exa was talking about. “That must be some twisted trick, or maybe there are some hidden mechanics.” Chrono seems to be very frustrated.

That was the time when the girl entered the room. “What is the problem?” she asked. “About… the dolls…” Exa said, and pointed to the two dolls that were still in the room. “Don’t worry, they are Shanghai and Hourai, and they brought breakfast to your room, so that’s why they were still there. Anyway, I forgot to introduce myself yesterday…I’m Alice Margatroid.” “I’m Exa Thundercloud, and he is my friend, Chrono Megumi.” Exa replied. “And how the hell can these dolls move?” Chrono asked. “By magic, of course!” “So, are these animated dolls?” Exa was curious. “Something like that.” “You know, in our world, mages create animated golems from different materials. These golems look like huge statues. They are durable and have high power, but they are slow. But your dolls are fast and small. Can you use them for fighting?” “Yes, my dolls can use weapons, magic, and sometimes they can be used for explosive attacks. In other words, perfect for an all-round mage/fighter.”

Alice with her dolls, Shanghai and Hourai.

“I don’t want to interrupt the conversation, but we really need to go now.” Chrono became impatient because he wanted to get that book back as soon as possible. “Exa, eat your breakfast and let’s go!” “All right. Then we will continue this later, when we have more time.” Exa and Chrono had breakfast and said goodbye to Alice. Fortunately, after a short time, they exited the forest and reached a lake. “This must be the lake we have to go through.” Exa said. “Yes, we’ll have to fly over it, go to the mansion, enter the library, and get the book! Piece of cake!” Chrono was excited. “But how can we get the book?

“That’s simple, you’ll start a conversation with the librarian – it seems that you can talk a lot – and I’ll steal the book.” “We should borrow it, not steal it.” “No way. I don’t think they lend it to us. Anyway, if things would be that easy, Marisa could borrow the book herself as well…” “Hm… maybe you’re right. But should we trick them? If they realize that, they’ll never trust us anymore.” “That’s not a problem. We don’t need to meet them anymore after we get the book.” “This will end up in a big trouble…” Exa sighs.

The ‘Scarlet Lake’.

They started to fly over the lake, but it was very cold and there was a strong breeze. Oh no, not that chilly wind again. Exa thought. But the wind was not the only problem. After a while, another fairy appeared. “And where do you think you’re going?” she asked. “We don’t have time to talk. We’re in a hurry!” Chrono answered. “Again such “heroes” who try to save Gensokyo?” Save Gensokyo?? Exa thought. In the meanwhile, Chrono was still arguing. “Mind your own business!” “He-he-he… that’s not how things go!” “And a fairy wants to order us? Ridiculous!” “I’m not an average fairy! I’m Cirno, the strongest ice fairy!” “So… did you cause th..that cold?” Exa asked. “Who else?” she laughed. “Now, turn back or I’ll freeze you both!”

“No way! I don’t fear a small fairy!” Chrono shouted, and threw some kunai to Cirno. However, she avoided the attack, and started to summon icicles. Exa was concentrated on defense – because he was still suffering from the cold – but Chrono acted fast, and managed to damage the fairy. But after that, Cirno summoned more icicles, and these bullets started to surround Exa and Chrono. This attack was called Ice Sign “Icicle Fall”. “Hehehe, you can’t survive this!” Cirno laughed. “Shut up, you baka!” Chrono was very impatient and used his Multiple Throw skill, but he forgot to think about avoiding. Some icicles hurt him. “Ugh…Now you have made me angry! VERY angry!” he shouted.

This actually looks like a good example of Icicle Fall.

“Wait, Chrono, go in front of her!” Exa said. “Are you crazy?” “No, but I realized she only shot a few icicles in front of her. Therefore, you can avoid easier in the front.” In that moment, Exa moved too, and casted Sparks. With the combination of Chrono’s skill, and the strategy he just realized, they managed to break through the spell. “Not bad, not bad, but I’ll show my true power now!” Cirno said, and shot even more bullets, and these bullets were frozen after a while, and started to move all the way. That was Cirno’s signature move, Freeze Sign “Perfect Freeze”. “Chrono, concentrate on your defense, and I’ll shock her!” Exa told to Chrono. “Are you sure that’ll work? You’re still slow because of the cold!” Chrono answered. “Don’t worry, I can do this!” “All right!”

Exa was still slowed, but since most of the attacks are went to Chrono, he managed to avoid the rest of the bullets. Chrono had a harder time, but with his ninja skills, he could evade every bullet. Finally, Exa reached the fairy, and shot an unavoidable Lighting Bolt to her. “Geez, that’s impossible! How can you avoid that?” Cirno started to whine. “We worked as a team!” Exa winked. “I don’t care! I’ll be the winner!” The ice fairy was still self-confident, and used her final spell, Snow Sign “Diamond Blizzard”. With this, she could summon a huge amount of icy shots. However, these shots went to random directions – in fact, she couldn’t control that many icicles. “Arghhh, I’m really fed up with this stupid girl!” Chrono started to lose his nerve. He charged to the fairy, in the hope he could finish the battle in one strike. But there are too many bullets there, some of them almost hit Chrono, but then a Lightning Aura surrounded him, so the icicles couldn’t break through it. “You have my thanks.” Chrono said.

This is from a certain spin-off…Advent Cirno.

“That’s what friends are for!” winked Exa. “Now, finish her!” Exa’s Lightning Bolt and Chrono’s new skill, Shadow Slash(Note: he could use that since he rage attacked) had been combined to the powerful “Spark Slash”. The battle was over, the ice fairy couldn’t resist it. “I… can’t… believe… it! Take this! And this! And this!” Cirno couldn’t bear the defeat, and started to throw frozen frogs to Exa and Chrono.” Exa went to Cirno, and grabbed her arm. “Calm down! That anger makes you hot, and I’m sure that won’t be good for you. Relax a bit, you’ll need that now.” Exa smiled. “The little ice fairy stopped, and after a while, she flew away. “Is that it? She really deserved a real beat-up.” Chrono’s emotions were still lingering. “We didn’t come to Gensokyo to beat people up. Let’s just go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion!” Exa answered. After a while, Exa and Chrono finally reached the mansion. The true quest has only just begun…


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