HftOW Ch.5 – The Scarlet Devil Mansion

Exa and Chrono stood in front of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Despite the huge size of the building, it seemed that only one person was guarding it. That guard was a girl in Chinese clothes and wore a beret. “So, how must we enter the building?” Exa asked. ” Knock out that guard, simple!” Chrono said with confidence.” “I don’t think it’s that simple. We don’t know how powerful she is. Also, even if we could defeat her, it’s almost obvious that we’ll need to fight everyone in the mansion afterwards. A frontal attack is too reckless!” “Ok… what about flying in through a window?” “This building doesn’t have many windows, and they’re probably prepared for such sneak attacks.” “Do you have any better ideas?” “Let me think a bit…”

A few minutes passed…

“I know it! Just follow me!” “I hope you know what you’re doing…” On the contrary, Chrono was not very amused. Exa and Chrono went to the girl, Hong Meirin, a youkai martial artist. “Excuse me for disturbing you, I’m Exa Thundercloud, a magician from another world, and this is Chrono Megumi, he’s skilled in shadow arts. I heard there’s a wonderful library, called Voile Magic Library, that has all the needs for a mage. Is it okay if we can take a visit in the library?” “So… you don’t want to beat me or mess with the mistress?” Meirin asked in surprise. “No, that’s not our intention.” “Thank goodness! You know, nowadays I’m being used as a punching bag by everyone: by Marisa, by Reimu, even by our chief maid Sakuya.,” Meirin seemed relieved, “although I’m skilled in martial arts, my danmaku is not that great, so I’m easily defeated.” “I have an advice to you: if you’re a good martial artist, use it to near the enemy! As far as I know, danmaku is not very effective in close range. We’re no danmaku users, but with some tactics, we were able to defeat two of them.” “Hm… maybe you’re right.” “Nevertheless, can you allow us to enter?” Chrono asked. “Wait a moment, I’ll discuss it with the others.” and Meirin went to the SDM. “I told you that my idea would work!” Exa winked. “Hrm. It was just pure luck!”

I wonder why people call Meirin “China”…

The youkai returned. “Ok, you can enter. Sakuya will escort you to the library.” “Thank you!” Exa and Chrono entered the building. It looked large from the outside, but it looks even larger from the inside. There were a lot of maids and other servants. After a while, the chief maid appeared. “Please, follow me.” Sakuya said. Our heroes easily realized that the mansion is not only huge, but it also has a very complicated structure. Orientation is difficult here. But Chrono was spotting something else, too… “Something is suspicious with that maid.” he whispered. “What are you talking about?” “Look a bit better!” “Hm… I don’t know where you’re getting to…” “Why does a maid have such a huge amount of knives?” “So? Maybe those knives are for cooking.” “Don’t be so naive! She is armed and dangerous! Also, that guard mentioned that this maid uses her as a punching bag. She might be some elite guard… or an assassin! Probably hired by that mistress to eliminate the objectionable people!” “You’re paranoid!” “I don’t think so…”

Yep, she sure is scary.

“Ok, here’s the library! Just don’t make a mess!” Sakuya said to the heroes. “Thank you!” our heroes answered. As they entered the library, they were flabbergasted. “This is the biggest library I’ve ever seen!” Exa was so excited. “But this a disadvantage for us, it’s harder to find the book in such a large place!” Chrono sighed. “Ok, I’ll talk with the librarian, you can search in the meanwhile.” Exa looked around a bit and found two girls: one is in pajamas, the other looks like a lesser devil. “Excuse me! Are you the librarian here?” Exa asked to the girl with the night-cap. “Yes, I’m Patchouli Knowledge, the librarian of the Voile Magic Library.” “And I’m Koakuma, her assistant!” the devil reacted. “That’s interesting, having such a creature as an assistant in a library? Normally they’d be used as offensive characters…” “That’s possible, but I have no problems with Koakuma doing her job.” While the conversation went on, Chrono was searching for the book. It seemed that the books were sorted by the type of the magic.

Best example I could find.

Air Magic… Animation Magic… no… Black Magic… Boundary Magic… no…Chrono went through the categories. “From that huge amount of magic books, I guess that you’re a magician, too.” Exa mentioned. “Yes, I’m specialized in the elemental powers.” After that sentence, Patchouli suddenly had to cough. “Are you OK?” “Don’t worry, I got used to it.” Meanwhile, Chrono continued his work. Charm Magic… Demonology… Earth Magic… Energy Magic, that’s it! Just a little bit more and… yes, I found it! The “Meister von Energie – Experte Fokussierenmethoden”! “Exa, I found it!” as he showed the Lightning Mage the book from a far distance. “Ah… next time I’ll bring you something that’s good for your health, but now, I need to go! Goodbye!” Exa hastily said to Patchouli while leaving. “…”

Exa and Chrono left the SDM, and went back to Marisa. “Well, here is the book you need!” Chrono said to her. “Good! As promised, you can have the Dispear!” answered the black-white magician.” Chrono and Exa said goodbye to Marisa. Yes, we did it!” Chrono was so happy. “You know, I still have doubts about what we did.” “Why? We have the staff!” “But we stole the book, and tricked them…” ” I don’t think it’s a problem!” Finally, Exa and Chrono got the Dispear. But is this really the end of the quest?

Yet another screen of the members of the SDM.

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