HftOW Ch.6 – Turning Point

Exa and Chrono left Marisa’s house, and started to think about where to go. “You said that you want to learn danmaku, right?” “Yes, that’s true, but I have no idea where I to start…” “Maybe we should find a town or something, where we can find you a danmaku instructor.” “Good idea!” “Ok, let’s…” Chrono couldn’t finish the sentence. Exa and Chrono seemed to freeze in their current positions. Time had been stopped! When the spell wore off, they realized that throwing knives were flying to them at high speed. Exa blocked them with a Lightning Shield, and Chrono avoided the attack. Surprised, they saw the person who stopped the time. It was Sakuya Izayoi!


“So, did you really think that you could trick us?” she asked. “Wh-what are you talking about!?” Chrono seemed nervous. “Don’t play innocent, you have stolen the book!” “What book?” *sweats* “The book about energy focusing! You were the only visitors in the Scarlet Devil Mansion this week, and before that visit, the book was still there, so you must be the ones who stole it!” “Really? Prove it!” Chrouya tried to be tough. “But…” Exa started to say something, but he couldn’t finish his line. “No ‘but’s! We didn’t do anything!” Chrono interrupted him. Sakuya ignored him, “Sorry, but if you resist, I’ll have to stop you!” “Just as I thought, you’re an assassin!

“An assassin? No, I’m not. I don’t want to kill you, I just want to prevent your escape!” and Sakuya stopped the time again. With the manipulation of time’s flow, she easily had an advantage against Exa and Chrono, who could hardly evade the attacks. After a short time, Sakuya wanted to finish the battle fast, and used one of her special skills, Strange Art ‘Misdirection’. That was the point when our heroes were completely overwhelmed by knives. They tried to stand against the mass of blades, but the wounds weakened them completely. They fainted…

How far can danmaku go.

A few hours passed. Exa opened his eyes. “Where… are… we?” he asked, however, he was still injured. “So, you’re awake! OK, so what is the situation about the book? I hope you’re more talkative than your friend!” Sakuya said. “We were… the ones who stole… the book. Marisa… asked us to do it… for the Dispear.” “So, that was another trick from that dirty thief!” Sakuya stabbed a knife to the table. Because of that noise, Chrono woke up too. “Did you tell them?” Chrono put the question upon Exa. Chrono wasn’t suffering that much, thanks to his greater constitution. “Yes… that was… the best I… can do.” “IDIOT! You shouldn’t have done that!” Chrono raged. “There is no point in denying what you did. But what is that Dispear thing?” Sakuya asked. “We needn’t tell you!” “It’s the best for you to tell…” Sakuya pointed a knife to Chrono, “if you want to leave the mansion alive… Or do you want to end up as dinner?”

“D…dinner?” Exa didn’t want to believe what he heard. “Yes, the mistress is hungry…” Sakuya smiled. “I-I don’t fear your mistress!” Chrono was still determined. “You will regret that decision…” and the chief maid left the room. “Now, we have a chance to escape!” “No… way. I’m still… wounded, and we can’t escape… from them. I don’t… want to die…” Sakuya came back with another person, who was a short, light-blue haired girl with bat wings. “A… a… VAMPIRE!!!” Exa shouted, and fainted again. “So, the mistress is a vampire…” Chrono thought by himself. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Remilia Scarlet, the mistress of the mansion, the Scarlet Devil.” she said. “The Scarlet Devil? But you’re not even a devil!” Chrono found the situation a bit ridiculous, looking at the little girl.

But she can DANCE!

“Well, you don’t understand anything. Anyway, you have two choices: you get the book back – with some other books that were stolen by Marisa too – or… I think you know the other possibility.” Remilia sounded serious in that point. ” Ugh, all right, we get the book back.” Chrono finally accepted the mission. “Also, to prevent your escape, Sakuya will escort you. When your friend feels a bit better, you can go.” When Exa woke up, another day has passed. Chrono tried to explain him the facts. “So we need to retrieve some books, including the one we stole. That’s OK, we deserved that.” Exa seemed somewhat calm. “But don’t you remember the Master Spark that Marisa used? We’ll end up dead!” “That is possible, though I hope we can survive it. Also, that chief maid comes with us, too.” “That’s great, she is very experienced. With her help, we’ll win!

This is how she sees herself, eh.

After a short time, Sakuya appeared. “OK, we’ll go… NOW!” “All right!” Exa and Chrono agreed that this is the best for them. Our heroes and Sakuya reached Marisa’s house quite fast; they didn’t need to fight against anyone. “OK, I’ll go, just wait for me.”Exa said, and he knocked on the door, Chrono and Sakuya waited a bit farther away. Marisa opened the door. “Is that you, Exa? the magician remembered the Lightning Mage. “Yes, and I want you to do something: it seems that in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, they are missing the focusing book and some other ones. They want to get them back.” “No way! It would mean that I gave you the staff for free, ゼ.” “I give you what you want…” “No deal, ゼ!” Exa tried to apologize, but suddenly Chrono and Sakuya ran to the house and threw knives and kunai to Marisa. Exa managed to avoid the attacks (he counted for a similar maneuver), but the black-white magician was surprised, so she couldn’t defend herself properly. Chrono’s ‘Multiple Throw’ and Sakuya’s Maid Secret Skill ‘Marionette’ made a very powerful combination. Marisa was defeated.

For your information, Touhoumon exists.

“OK, take the books, just leave me alone, ゼ…” That was very painful for her. “Yes! We did it! – Chrono was content. “To tell the truth, you are quite good. If you could learn danmaku, you could be even more powerful!” Sakuya said to Chrono. “…Really?” “Of course! If you want, I can teach you some techniques!” “Could you wait for me, please? I need something to do.” Exa asked. “All right, but make it quick.” Chrono nodded. Exa flew to the Kourindou. Excuse me, do you have something which is good for constitution?” Exa asked Rinnosuke. Let me see… Yes, that’s it! An Amulet of Health is a very good choice for that. “And what is the price for this?” “60000 Yen, or 600 GPs.” After buying the amulet, Exa came back to Sakuya and Chrono, and they flew back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion together. In the mansion, Remilia and Patchouli were already waiting for them.

“Oh, here you are!” said the Scarlet Devil, “did you get the books?” “Yes, these are the books, right?” Chrono showed the books. “Yes, I need those books…” Patchouli took the books. Suddenly, Exa kneeled down, and started to beg. “We’re… so sorry! We caused you so much trouble just for some mean reason! I hope you can forgive us! And…” he stepped up to Patchouli, “here is something for you. I promised you that I’d give you something good for your constitution,” as he showed the Amulet of Health, “so … please, accept this!” “Oh my…You don’t need to…” “I must do this! That makes my conscience calm.” “Thank you for your present!” Patchouli smiled. “Wait a minute! Where did you get that amulet?” Chrono asked. “I bought it at Kourindou.” “And how much did it cost?” “600 GPs.” “ARE YOU COMPLETELY CRAZY? How much money do you have left?” “Don’t worry, I still have 390 GPs.” “I really can’t understand you…” Chrono sighed.

“Can I ask one question?” Exa asked to Patchouli. “Yes, of course.” “Can you teach me the danmaku?” “Why not? It’s good to have an apprentice like you.” Exa and Chrono managed to get on well with the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s inhabitants, and also, they’ve got a chance to learn danmaku skills…What else could stand in their way now!?

Unrelated picture, magic training reminded me of this OVA/Visual Novel.

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