HftOW Ch.7 – The ‘Danmaku’ Training

Chrono Megumi stood in front of Sakuya Izayoi. The Dark Ninja was very determined, because now he had the chance to become more powerful… “Okay, Chrono, try to hit me!” said the chief maid. Chrono used his Multiple Throw skill, but it was completely ineffective, since Sakuya easily avoided all the kunai. “Is that your best? Come on, try again!” The ninja threw kunai once more, but the results were the same. “Damn it! Let me explain the basics of danmaku fighting…” Sakuya was a bit disappointed at that time. “Concentrate on your weapons and concentrate on the target. Don’t throw your kunai mindlessly. Plan your moves!” “I’ll do my best!” Chrono answered. He brought out some more kunai slowly, but he didn’t throw them at once. After a short time, the kunai started to glow in his hand, and when he threw them… the throwing needles didn’t go in a linear way, but in some sort of homing method. Sakuya blocked them with some knives.

Beautiful kunai in anime style.

“Wow, you learn quite fast, and you have the potential, too. After a lot more training, you could even learn attacks like mine!” the chief maid winked. “Allow me to try again!” Chrono became very excited. “Maybe I can do other attack forms, too…” This time the Dark Ninja made some circular slashing moves with his kunai. When they glowing started again, he threw them… and the needles went in a two-sided spiral(like the shape of the number eight). After that, Chrono thought that he learnt much in such a short time, but Sakuya said something. “Well, you are quite good for a beginner, but it’s just the beginning of your training. But I think there’ll be a time when you’ll be as good as me!” “Thank you, I’m glad that I can learn danmaku from someone like you!” answered Chrono answered.

While Sakuya trained Chrono, Exa and Patchouli were in the library. The Lightning Mage’s danmaku studying weltered there. “So, you want to learn danmaku, right?” asked Patchouli. “Yes, that was my intention.” Exa answered. “All right, then I’ll explain everything you need. As a danmaku mage, you’ll need to reach the flows of magical energy. When you are as experienced as me, you can cast danmaku spells without it, but at first, you’re required to do first things first. “And how can I reach these flows of magical energy?” “It exists out of three steps. First, you decide what kind of spell you want to cast – in your case, it would be lightning-based. Second, concentrate on that element, lightning would be associated with sparks, flashes, and pure magical energy… Yes, your magic is a bit similar to Marisa’s magical lasers and her Master Spark.”

The Master Spark in action @ Touhou 8.

“Really?” “Yes, lightning is a form of energy. Third, you must chant the spell’s name, but you begin with the name of the sign…” “Sign?” “Yes, danmaku spell types are called signs. So, you name the sign, and the spell.” “Ok, I’ll try it!” “My final hint, is that you need to connect to the Power of Magic, to reach the flows of energy. The spell will be even more effective!” “Thank you!” Exa put his hands together, closed his eyes, and invoked the pictures of a storm in his mind. Dark clouds, flashes, lightings, those feelings filled him completely. And so, he opened his eyes, and spread his arms.

Power of Magic,
I have the strength to blast,
Power of Magic,
Electricity in a mass,
Power of Magic…
Spread Sign: [Sparks]!

Lightning reminded me of Fate Testarossa…

When he was finished, a lot of electrical charges came from his hands; it was like his Charged Bolt, but much more effective and dense. “Wow, I never thought I can do such things!” Exa said surprisingly. “It is because you’re already experienced in lightning magic, although you’re just a beginner in danmaku. Do you want to give another shot?” asked the magician. “Sure, why not?” Exa repeated the method he used before, but this time, he used his skills to create a one-line attack:

Power of Magic,
Give me the force,
Power of Magic,
I’m calling the storms,
Power of Magic…
Concentrated Sign: [Lightning Bolt]!

I’m running out of reference art!

A great lightning comes from Exa’s right hand; much larger than any of his previous ones. However, he was very tired after that. “There is one more thing you should know…don’t cast danmaku spells mindlessly, they are very tiring for a novice like you.” Patchouli said, “Anyway, you should take a rest now.” “All right…” Exa answered, but then Meirin ran into the library. “The demons! The demons are appearing everywhere!” “What? What are you talking about?” Patchouli and Exa asked. “I was practicing martial arts, when the sky turned dark, and dark creatures crowded the whole place. Sakuya and Chrono kept an eye on them, but they didn’t start to attack… yet. What could be their plan?” “Anyway, let’s go!” They went out of the library to look what happened…

Reference art from Negima!

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