Otome no Iroha! Bonus Track

Mirror [MU]
Mirror [RS]
Manga Fox: Otome no Iroha!

This is the first page, as an impression

For the people who don’t know Otome no Iroha!:

Iroha, a masculine girl, and Hifumi, a feminine boy, are siblings who have transferred to a different middle school and moved to their grandparents’ house. However, after the first night much to their surprise they both change bodies, Iroha into a boy and Hifumi into a girl while Iroha tries to get back her girl body how will this turn?

So, you might or might not have noticed that I’ve begun some translation work, since I saw some disappointed people at Manga Fox. I discovered that the bonus chapter of Otome no Iroha wasn’t translated yet. I, having mediocre Japanese knowledge, thought of this as a challenge to translate this as well as I could, without using a dictionary. It went pretty well, aside the fact that every kanji had its furigana with it. Made it easy for me to understand what they’re actually talking about. There were only some small problems when they were referring to stuff I did not know about. You’ll see notes about it when you read this chapter, but unfortunately the source was so full of Japanese, I couldn’t make simpler notes of it.

At the end of this bonus chapter, select one of the three faces shown above.

I’m going to expect a lot of visitors when I have just released this chapter, so I have to prepare carefully. The scanning has not been done by me, you can see the credits on the last page. Don’t worry, I credited him right. Saves me the trouble of cleaning up the pages though. The rough translations are completely done by me. Makes good practise for my study. If you might have complains about this release, please tell me. My email address is chrouya@live.com. I’m quite into all sorts of stuff, so just ring me a bell if you have other things to say. Although I might not have enough time for you. I am not in any fansub group either, just doing things individually at the moment.

So uh, I hope you enjoy reading, even though I’m pretty sure you will. Feel free to browse around on my blog, even though it still needs renovation. My opinion about Otome no Iroha? It’s way too short. I don’t even know if this is really the end of the manga. I do not believe mangas would end after a single volume. The double gender bending is pretty awesome. Maybe I might have been more amused if they would actually get to like each other, in which case they already quite do. It’s quite comparable with Asuka Hybrid, having 2 gender bending characters. You might want to read that if you liked this as well. It’s in pretty high rated when I look at the amount of views on Manga Fox.

The front page of Asuka Hybrid.


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