HftOW Ch.8 – A Failed Experiment

“Yes, we did it! With this, we can revolutionize transporting with it!” The scientists of the Silver Eagle Army were satisfied. They managed to create a device which enabled teleporting. Put one device at the start position, and one at the destination to make the teleportation work. However, it had been tested only on items – ranging from small items like rocks or knives to huge things like tanks – but not on humans. “Don’t worry, I’ll go!” Sergeant Ironshredder said, one of the most experienced veterans of the army. He wore his helmet decorated by a silver eagle proudly and he wasn’t afraid of any situation. He still had his wound in his right forearm which he took from an earlier war. He was always prepared for battle – he had a knife, a machine gun with lots of ammo, some grenades, and some equipment needed for dangerous situations.

“Are you sure that you want to go?” the scientists asked. “Yes! I need to do this for the army!” “All right, then please proceed to Teleporter 1.” Ironshredder went in, and waited. All systems correct, test starts in 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0! The scientists started the machine. It started to flash, and after a short time, the sergeant disappeared. “Okay, we sent him. Tell us when he arrives!” the first group asked to the second. One minute passed… 2 minutes… 5 minutes… but Ironshredder still didn’t appear.

Actually a fuzetsu, see it as teleportation now

“It seems that we have lost him!” the second group replied. “I knew that we shouldn’t have done it right now…” griped someone from the first group.
At the same time, the sergeant arrived in some mountain path. “What the, where the hell am I? Where is Teleporter 2? This is not the base!” Ironshredder tried to reach the base in any way he could, but all of his tries failed. Damnit! I’m stuck in some strange place, I lost my contact with the base, and I even don’t have reinforcements!” However, he then heard the noise of a machine. “What could it be? Maybe I can get some help!”

After a short time, he saw what made the noise, a strange tank-looking vehicle. “Well, I’ll just follow it and maybe I can find a base where I can refill my supplies.” Luckily, the tank didn’t go that fast, so Ironshredder had an easy time following it. After a short time, the tank reached a workshop. It stopped, and a girl came out of it. “What the hell? A girl driving a tank? What kind of place is this?” the sergeant surprised and angered at the same time. “Anyway, she might be able to help me…” The veteran soldier came to the workshop at the same time as the girl finished her usual fast check-up on the tank. “Excuse me, can you help me? I’m Sergeant Ironshredder from the Silver Eagle Army. I lost the contact with my base, and I’m stuck in this strange place. I saw your tank, and…”

This is the best fanart I could find for Rika.

“You needn’t continue! You’re so amazed by the Flower Tank, that you had the feeling you should meet with the creator, also known as Rika!” “Flower Tank? What kind of fancy name for a tank is that…” “Don’t be ridiculous! Everyone knows that I make the best vehicles in Gensokyo!” “So, this place is called Gensokyo?” “Yes, that’s right. You know, nowadays everyone is amused about that stupid Reimu and Marisa, just because they do some nasty tricks. Because of that, my work is very underrated, but one day I’ll show them that I’m the best!!” “It sounds great, but originally I wanted to stay here until I manage to make contact with the army.” “I have a much better idea! Stay by my side, and I’ll make you a great tank, too; much better than you can ever get from those Silver Eagles!” “Don’t underestimate them, they have the most modern technology in the world!” “Oh really? Then allow me to do some demonstration of the wonderful Flower Tank! Get in and I’ll show you the true power!”

If only we had written this story after knowing this nuclear goddess…

Ironshredder and Rika entered the Flower Tank. The sergeant found the devices in the vehicle very unusual; he didn’t see similar ones before. “Watch me blowing some stuff up!” Rika was the type who felt best in her own tank. She shot out a lot of shots in every possible variation. “Wow, you’re quite impressive, I never thought that I’d see a girl who uses a tank as well as I do.” the sergeant was very amused. “That’s just natural, because you’re in a great tank created by a great person!!” “Ok, you persuaded me, I’ll stay with you. I want a tank just like yours!” “That’s what I wanted to hear!” Rika was smirking. “But wait… what’s with that dark cloud in the sky?” “That black cloud? I should investigate that! I should show to Gensokyo that I can solve any problem, because I’m the greatest!! That Rika is a bit egoistic, but she is very good, I guess…

So, they followed the dark cloud…of demons…

Next chapter…

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