Malden Melty Meeting 2009

    Date: 31 October 2009

So, many people will be wondering…what is this event about? Well, I think I have a review about Melty Blood Act Cadenza here, but now it’s about the sequel of this game, called Melty Blood Actress Again. The game is only available for PS2 at the moment and I don’t feel like reviewing it soon. You should just see this game as an expansion to MBAC. However, there’s no netplay. So what’s your best option? Indeed, a real-life meeting.

The way we played: emulated.

We were with the 5 of us, all from different regions; the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Not really much to say about us, aside having a liking to play this game on the PC. That gave us the second problem…Everyone aside the host of this meeting was using a keyboard to play a fighting game. It may sound weird, but it’s personal preference. I’m not going to tell anything more. These vids are pure for just footage and we hope that we can motivate people to join us in these meetings. The summaries say enough.

Melty Blood Actress Again Ver.A Offline meet in Malden, the Netherlands.

Random stuff happening at the beginning of the meeting. Things like using a flat screen is totally not handy, you’ll get 20 fps delay…Though the fat one seemed OK…We just don’t like to play on pads though. And irritating controls. Offtopic note: Wow…we’re all keyboard warriors.

Continue to other vids if you really want to see stuff happening, this is more as preparation.
Players at the meet:
Kohaku_, Chrouya, VoriuM, Danielsan, Rowan.
Obviously we’re up for more meetings, but we really want to see more people showing up next time!

Recorded matches:
Melty Meet 2009 – Chrouya(H-VSion) vs Danielsan(C-Arc) P1
Melty Meet 2009 – Chrouya(H-VSion) vs Danielsan(C-Arc) P2
Melty Meet 2009 – Chrouya(F-Miyako) vs Danielsan(C-Nanaya)
Melty Meet 2009 – Chrouya(F-Miyako) vs Rowan(F-Aoko) P1
Melty Meet 2009 – Chrouya(F-Miyako) vs Rowan(F-Aoko&F-Roa) P2
Melty Meet 2009 – VoriuM(C-Hisui) vs Kohaku_(C-Kohaku)
Melty Meet 2009 – VoriuM(C-Kohaku) vs Danielsan(C-Arc)
Melty Meet 2009 – Rowan(F-Aoko) vs Danielsan(C-Arc)

These are not the only ones made that day, it’s even handy that we played on an emulator. This way we can record the screen without any troubles at all. The only thing is, is that you’ll have no commentary…and that’s the most fun in fighting games. Hearing people rage in real life. It’s better than going on IRC, or going on Ventrilo. We used to go on Vent when having an online tourney. The Fraps recorded games were when we had the Round Robin tourney. Still felt as if I should have won.

Oh well, this is what the host tells us:

Buttons were mashed, links failed, and combos were dropped.
This is one of the matches we had at the Malden Melty Meeting here in the Netherlands.

It was the first time for all of us playing against a human opponent, so don’t take it too seriously :-)

Interested in attending possible future MBAA meetings in Europe? Drop by on #meltyblood.eu on irc.akiha.nl and say hi!

Recorded matches:
Melty Blood Actress Again: C-Kohaku (Kohaku_) vs. C-Hisui (VoriuM)
Melty Blood Actress Again: H-VSion (Chrouya) vs. F-Aoko (Rowan)
Melty Blood Actress Again: C-Kohaku (Kohaku_) vs. H-VSion (Chrouya)
Melty Blood Actress Again: C-Hisui (VoriuM) vs. F-Aoko (Rowan)
Melty Blood Actress Again: H-VSion (Chrouya) vs. C-Nero (Danielsan)
Melty Blood Actress Again: C-Hisui (VoriuM) vs. C-Nero (Danielsan) 1/2
Melty Blood Actress Again: C-Hisui (VoriuM) vs. C-Nero (Danielsan) 2/2
Melty Blood Actress Again: F-Aoko (Rowan) vs. C-Nero (Danielsan)


The reference of the name.


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