HftOW Ch.9 – A Request from the Underworld

Reimu went away from the shrine to do her usual cleaning duty around it, but then she saw a huge dark cloud. She realized easily that there were demons in the black mass. ‘It’s… impossible!’ she thought, ‘How can these demons appear in Gensokyo? Maybe… the boundary between Makai and our world has opened! I must tell that to Marisa!’ – and she flew to the Forest of Magic, but it seemed that the demons went there, too…
In the mean time, Rika and Ironshredder followed another group.


So sweet, yet deadly.

“What kind of cloud is this? It seems to move constantly to one direction. Maybe… it’s possible that it’s in fact some living thing?” wondered the sergeant. “Then they’ve realized that I’m here and they’re retreating!” answered Rika. “I’m not so sure… it could be a trap!” “And what if it’s a trap? I can solve everything!” “Your confidence will cause your death someday…” Meanwhile, Exa, Chrono, Sakuya and Meirin were about to investigate a third demon army. Patchouli prepared some magical defence in case the demons would attack the Scarlet Devil Mansion. But that didn’t happen. Like the other two groups, the demons left the place.

“That’s strange… why are they leaving? – asked Chrono. “Maybe they have another plan which isn’t involving the mansion.” answered Sakuya. “And how strong are these creatures? I’m still a bit tired after the training…” said Exa. “I have no idea, maybe Reimu has more information about them.” “I hope I can be useful, too…” said Meirin. “No, you stay here and guard the mansion. – Sakuya thought that the gate guard should act like a guard. “I see, then I’ll do my normal duties.” nodded the youkai martial artist saddened.

Poor Meirin.

The demon armies met in the Forest of Magic with a fourth group, which was led by a maid, who was called Yumeko. She didn’t have Sakuya’s time stopping abilities, but she used her throwing knives at least as good as the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s chief maid. The combined force started to go to Alice’s house… Meanwhile, Reimu, Rika and Ironshredder, and the heroes from the Scarlet Devil Mansion reached Marisa’s house. Exa and Chrono saw the Flower Tank, and were really surprised. “What kind of … thing is that?” they asked. “You don’t know my wonderful creation, the Flower Tank? Are you some outlander like Ironshredder?” Rika was angry because she was used that everyone recognized her tank. “Don’t call me an outlander, just because I’m not from Gensokyo!” shouted the sergeant. “Enough! I don’t think it’s the time for talking about such things now! When we have more time for introduction, we’ll do this, but NOT NOW!!” Reimu lost her nerves.

Situation-esque picture.

Marisa came out her house because of the noise. “Wow, what’s this? Some kind of convention? Can I join, too? – she asked. “Well, in fact, I came to ask your help. A demonic force came into the forest, and I think they are still in there.” Reimu said. ‘So, there are much more of these beasts than we imagined.‘ thought Sakuya. “Nice, more things to blow up!” Rika became excited. “Anyway, let’s go! Maybe we don’t have much time left…” said Reimu. The demon army reached their destination.

“All right, secure the area, so that no one can reach the house! I’ll go and talk with Alice!” said Yumeko. The maid of the Pandemonium threw some knives and the door crashed. “I know that you’re in here, Alice Margatroid! We need to talk about a LOT of things…” Alice looked what the whole thing was about, and was very surprised. “Yu.. Yumeko? Why are you here?” “Don’t you know what happened after you left the Makai?” “No, I have no idea…” “Allow me to explain it: Shinki was defeated by Reimu’s company, and you escaped to the Forest of Magic. After that, there was a huge demon rebellion. Even though Shinki is a goddess, defeating every single group of rebelling demons was a hard work. The Demon World was a pure hell at that time.”

Yumeko is mad.

“Is that so?” Alice couldn’t believe the whole story. “Yes, that’s true! You betrayed the Makai, and your mother, too! You really deserve to die, but that wouldn’t be useful! So, come back to the Demon World, that’s your home!” “But… I live in the Forest of Magic since…” “We don’t care! Accept the fact that you’re the Witch of Death!” During that time, the hero party engaged a fight with the demons. Fortunately, the dark creatures weren’t too strong, they were just many. Too many…

“Okay, Exa, Chrono and Sakuya, attack from the left! Rika and Ironshredder, break their lines from the right! Marisa and I charge from the middle!” commanded Reimu. “All right!” everyone answered. Sakuya’s team tried to use combination attacks. Exa couldn’t use his danmaku abilities, since these would drain too much energy, but he charged Sakuya’s knives and Chrono’s kunai with electricity. That was a shocking experience for the beasts of the dark. Rika was in her advantage. The Flower Tank was very effective against large masses. But Ironshredder felt a bit neglected… he came out of the tank, and started to shoot with his machine-gun!

Meanwhile, the conversation at Alice’s still continues…

“Yesssss, that’s the most enjoyable thing since the war against the Red Scorpions! Your tank and my weapons are very useful in this combination… but I really need a tank like yours, since I don’t have unlimited ammo!” said the sergeant. “I’ll make you a great tank when we kill these demon-whatevers!” answered Rika. Reimu and Marisa made a great team. The miko was very skilled in fighting against dark creatures, her seals and charms fitted well with the black magician’s lasers and magical stars. The conversation almost ended in Alice’s house…

“So, do you say that I must leave the forest?” asked the puppeteer. “Believe me, that’s good for you, the Makai is your true home. Shinki is waiting for you…” “But my friends… Reimu and Marisa…” “Forget them, your family and your true friends are in the Demon World!” “Then… I guess I have no choice… but at least I want to say goodbye to them.” “No way! They would start to persuade you that your decision is wrong! I can’t allow it!” “I understand…”Yumeko and Alice left the house and went back to the Makai.

Meanwhile, the battle ended. The heroes were very tired, but they’ve managed to defeat the demons. Reimu and Marisa rushed to Alice’s house, but they only found the crashed door and the empty rooms. We’re too late! The puppeteer isn’t here!” said Marisa. They must brought her to the Demon World! We need to rest a bit, then prepare ourselves, and then we will go to the Makai!!” Reimu was determined. So, Reimu and the other heroes decided to rescue Alice. They went to Demon World, which is the darkest place in the universe…

Nice depiction.

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