Heroes from the Outer World – Epilogue

So, that was actually it. You had to wait more than a few months to see the actual re-edited work finished and on this blog, and I know not a lot of people will actually read it…But it’s more for some kind of keepsake. I just don’t want to lose that experience of doing stuff for the first time. We actually had a second story planned, but that got more or less cancelled. I can’t really remember why, but I guess I already lost interest at Touhou by that time. Oops. As I read it, it’s dumb, hahaha. I lack the motivation and the skill to write.

I didn’t expect to get daily views in the days my blog as I kept it dead for school reasons for more than a month. Although I did see that not really that many people are into this story, I’m not surprised at that though. It was not too interesting for me to read several times as well, and it’s pretty much random all the time. But that’s the way I and my friend roll. Although nowadays I’m not into the Touhou hype any more, I still like the music. It’s pretty much competing with the Umineko no Naku Koro ni OSTs from the sound novels. I have used it before but I can show you another example.

It’s not the first time I had put this blog on a stop and I think it won’t be the last one as well. You might think of exams and other stuff that’s going on. Most importantly, I’m going to Japan this summer for an exchange program for 6 weeks, but it’ll be only me going to a host family in Japan and not vice versa. Still waiting to get interviewed and to get to know what family I will live with, but that will let itself know by time. At that time, I will blog about the lifestyle though. I still have a long way to go to actually talk Japanese though.

It looks lively, unlike in our city or even country.

The other fanfic that was originally planned was Twilight Paragram, but that’s almost to be cancelled, due to the lack of inspiration to rethink it all…obviously because I have never written it down. To write it here was the actual plan, but that got delayed until forever. Again, I might continue it in the future, when I’m all out of stress. I guess that’s a point that will never come though. That makes me remind that this story hasn’t even ended for real yet. It’s really a cliffhanger, and me and Exa don’t really have a lot of contact with each other any more, let alone the fact that we talk about Touhou. It would end up as some kind of good ending, because like this, it sounded pretty unusual. Many troubles, no achievement.

Captain Murasa, anyone? New characters…interesting designs.


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