Lol, Update #2

As the May vacation draws near, there’s less homework and more time to spend on ani….blogging. I can’t take the fact that people are disappointed that I don’t write something any more. This stuff requires a lot of motivation. Which I lack. Or rather, I always think I got better stuff to do. It’s a harsh battle when it comes to choosing between blogging or anime/games. In any case, the amount of blog posts I need to write is steadily increasing. For now I’ll just write the second update of this blog. And to tell you that maybe this blog IS dead.

As you might have noticed, I’ve been fiddling with headers lately and I’m not sure which one to pick. You can see a history of banners here. What do you think? Which banner should I take? Or should I try and make another one? If so, please don’t hesitate and tell me which anime/game should be used as banner. Oh, that reminds me that I’ve created new pages as well. Not so much to say about it though. I suggest you take a look whenever you got the time.

Another thing that is new for this site is that the images that I upload are now thumbnails. With that, I mean that most images are now clickable to see the larger/original version. This was a problem in the past because I always have larger pictures than the post borders. For example, you can click those small banners above to enlarge them. Apparently WordPress has some kind of function for that, but I have yet to discover that so I’ll just go with an irritating copypasta code.

This is my current wallpaper for my Laptop.

I don’t have any innovation for images for this post, so I’ll just post some wallpapers that I currently use. In any case, I’m just too bored to make another notice like before but…Thanks for the 4,707 views! And no I’m not going to update that number. I hope I’ll be able to get even more viewers, but I’ll have to write more and more about anime and games I think. I always blame school and I think that’s a legal reason. My marks aren’t that well lately.

And the wallpaper of my Twitter account.

You can always follow me around on Twitter, because that is something I won’t stop doing. Micro-blogging is nice because I can even do it at school without being yelled at by teachers.
Off-topic: I got myself a PDA, but I only use it for calling and listening to music. Can anybody recommend me some good programs you can install on it?

I also received a laptop, but that thing is slower than the PCs on school. Nowadays I use it whenever my PC is broken(it was broken for weeks), and to multiclient on Mabinogi. And maybe for some school tasks because it runs on Windows XP. Yeah, some things still don’t work on 7.

And my wallpaper of my social network site. And yeah, my favourite anime is Shakugan no Shana.

I’m running out of update information. I wrote something down like “music in wordpress”, but that’s totally useless because I still prefer videos of Youtube over music. Let’s see…*reads his bloglist*. Ah, the unfinished manga drawing. I’ll just upload a picture here and you can tell me how it looks. It’s just a face though, I don’t draw often so I really fail at it:

Their names are Rikiya and Nonoka.

As a final note, I do what I want because a pirate is free. I am a pirate~ ♪ In other words, I bought myself an M3 Real SD for the DS. There are always too many games to play, but where do you get the money!

My Youtube wallpaper. Not Shana this time, but Saber.

Last but not least: My computer wallpaper, heh. This one is quite random but it looks awesome.


2 Responses to “Lol, Update #2”

  1. 26-04-2010 at 15:50

    I need to write more stories too, but tell me, what posts do you have to do more, except some reviews and your fanfics?(Although that are quite some, I believe.
    Shakugan no Shana IS cool. Period. No discussion. :D
    Still have to watch second, though…
    Anyway, see you tomorrow :P

    • 26-04-2010 at 16:52

      I don’t see why I should do something else than writing reviews or fanfics, because then this blog wouldn’t have any reason to exist anymore. There’s a chance I might write more about VN stuff though. And yeah, that’s actually 18+ but rules are meant to be broken.
      I’ll return the question, what do you want me to write about? xD

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