Hidan no Aria

Name: 被弾のアリア(Hidan no Aria)
Episodes: 12
Airtime: 15.04.2011 till 01.07.2011
Producers: J.C Staff

Long time since I’ve written something here. I do want to keep this blog alive, since I have been thinking about things I don’t want to forget about. It’s currently summer break, which means I have been scrolling around in my anime backlog and I found this series (I know, it’s not that old but it’s already in my backlog!). But I’m not going to write thousands of words like I used to do before and put too much effort in it. I have watched this series with UTW subtitles.

So, what made this anime so peculiar that I just had to write about it? It’s because I think it is a good anime while the general population didn’t think so at all. Even my brother saw the first episode and didn’t like it straight away, while I just got drawn in to know the truth of this anime.

And that’s the part where it goes wrong. This season takes up 3 out of the 9 novels of Hidan no Aria, so we’re obviously left with an open ending. The chance that there will be a second season is about 0%. They need at least 60.000 BD/DVD sales before they could start production, but if it’s 20.000 after a month, let’s just say the hype is already gone.

I wonder what drew me into watching this series. I devised my theory in this tweet:

“Hidan no Aria: Feels to me like some kind of Shana + Index. But do I hate the main protagonist when he’s in Hysteria Mode…and Riko = troll” .

First of all, Kanzaki H. Aria makes me think of Shakugan no Shana. I guess it also adds up when Kugimiya Rie voiced both the main female protagonists there. Secondly, To aru Majutsu no Index has a main protagonist who is practically useless aside for one power he has: Imagine Breaker. Kinji is also powerless without his Hysteria Mode, but as the character says himself: “I become an ass”. This is very true. Luckily it doesn’t show that much. Last but not least, both Index and Hidan no Aria have a closed environment for the specialized people (Butei / ESPers).

This series does not include any fillers (It would have been shit if it DID have fillers) and keeps the story quite active for all the episodes after the introductions. My mind did cringe why the hell Aria’s mother has been sentenced for over 800+ years because just around 10 “enemies” actually accused her for all of it. As a result, taking out a boss will reduce that amount with 80 years. I don’t really understand how their system works, but I guess it’s just some kind of style to increase the urgency of saving Aria’s mom.

I’m convinced that this is not a bad anime, although it might not be everyone’s taste. It’s really random, references out of nowhere, logic is not to be made. But as an anime, those aspects should not really mind. The opening sounds pretty nice, just because it seems (to me) like there’s a piece of Vivaldi with the Four Seasons (winter) 20 seconds in. The ending song is well…the generic slow paced beat that just doesn’t suit me.

Basically, if you like both Shana and Index, I think this is also recommended for you. Oh, and by the way, it has no use to download the BD/DVD sales. They forgot to remove the censorshit censorship anyway.

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