Blogging Sunday

This post is meant as an idea how I will revive this old blog of mine. I still like to write, it’s just the problem that I don’t have standard times for this. Until now. I am thinking of implementing the weekly article that lots of bloggers make use of. I’m joining this habit and I’m calling it the Blogging Sunday. Just to give you a small preview of what it will be, I’ll basically give short summaries of what happened the last week. Another thing I’m going to implement is called Tweeting Monday. I’ll give further explanation of that tomorrow. The two anime openings I use for this post are the ones I fell in love with when I was in Japan. Toki wo Kizamu Uta from Clannad ~After Story~ and My Soul, Your Beats! from Angel Beats.

The Pilgrimage to Osaka discontinued

As this  title says, I quit reviving my blog The Pilgrimage to Osaka (at http://japanese.isgreat.org) about the 5 weeks I was in Japan. It has been 1 year ago now although my memories are still fresh. The only problem is that I don’t have the time anymore to rewrite everything AGAIN. This might have been the main reason why I haven’t been writing on this blog either.

My diary is gone. I have to retype all of it. Thanks to that, I got motivated to put more pictures and videos up in the meantime, but the site will be simplified a lot.

Meaning there will be no such thing as a bilingual system; only English will be used.

Fortunately the real data is on paper so there’s no way my diary is gone forever, but it’s still going to take a while ^^;

Yes, sometime ago I accidentally removed the database instead of backing it up, losing months of effort. The action could not be undone.  So I attempted to restyle my website and yet write another time. Finding the correct pictures, updating WordPress, it all takes so much time. However I noticed that the blog didn’t get enough attention anyway.  As a result, I hereby drop the Typed Diary project. If people want to hear personal experiences, they should just contact me instead! =)

Another attempt at karaoke

Yes, I’m at it again. For the people who don’t know what was my previous attempt: go to one of my oldest posts . The reason why I’m doing it again is because I started a new project. People who follow me on Twitter or know me personally might know that I’m a collector of openings and endings so I like to split them from the anime I watch. Maybe you noticed that I always have an opening song for my posts. So now, I decided to level up and try splitting MKV files for openings and endings. And not just MKV, I want non credit Blu-Ray defined videos. It’s a really shitty job, but in the end it’s pretty rewarding.

The only thing is that I also want it to have at least karaoke. It doesn’t have to be flowing or whatsoever. Sad thing is that some translators really suck at karaoke, so I decided to patch up the work. Here is where I’m using Aegisub again. Luckily, this time the only thing that needs to be fixed are the lines and not the timing. I know timing is one hell of a job but I think it’s worth the effort. Here’s an example, although it’s quite a large file (NCOP BD): Kiss x Sis – (1OP) – Balance KISS.mkv
Still wondering if I should add kanji to the karaoke. Might seem a bit more professional.

As I did with that old post, obviously you want to know which openings and endings I have. This time I do have an application which allows me to update more live than ever. It’s the same as what I did with my Kiss x Sis OP, I downloaded it to a folder that will sync online afterwards. The neat program called Dropbox. So no more talking, the latest version for my animelist is now 2.0, pretty much complete. Here’s the link.

Retro anime: Magikano

Name: マジカノ(Magikano)
Episodes: 13
Airtime: 01.01.2006 till 01.04.2006
Producers: Tokyo Kids

Okay, so this series might not be so old as I think it was, but it wasn’t satisfactory. Lately, I have been giving anime lower grades than before. I guess I’m being more decisive as for how good an anime is. This is the first anime I have watched in 2011, after having watched nothing for over 4 months.

But sure, I can review an anime about how bad it actually was by explaining all the aspects of course. The main character, Yoshikawa Haruo is a plain idiot. Not meant offensive, but he doesn’t have any good nor bad sides. That makes him a boring person. But apparently he has superpowers inside him. Yeah, I always like the idea of contemporary magic. So this witch Mamiya Ayumi, has to awaken his powers to break her own curse that is bestowed upon her. She looks quite cool actually, but the comedy in this series causes her to be such a bitch. That kind of ruined the series for me.

The music is OK, despite having a cheesy OP which I somehow like. The ED is also nice to listen to. But when I talk about the animation, it just feels as if I’m watching a series made in 2000 instead of 2006. Those 6 years really did make a change in my opinion. The best example I can think of in this situation is by looking at Kanon and the remade Kanon, called New Kanon or Kanon 2006. Maybe it’s because the animators are really obscure, and the budget was quite low.

So don’t expect much hype for this “old” anime, the comedy level is too high to make up for any story. Cliche side-characters, not enough tension to make me shake. Goshuushou-sama.


Tomorrow I’ll discuss about the anime I watched last week. With the help of tweets, I’ll give short summaries of what I thought of it. Do you have different opinions? Share them by commenting! I’d be pleased to answer your needs.

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