Running up on the backlog

This probably will only happen these weeks, that I will split my Monday posts in more articles. This is because it’s summer break at the moment, so I have more time to scroll through my folder called “backlog”, with over 940GB of anime. I’ll go through it, albeit slowly. The opening I use for this post is Kizuna Iro, the opening of Fortune Arterial, sung by Lia. Which makes the perfect explanation for the following tweets:

I think I’m a fan of Lia. My favourite anime OPs are Toki wo Kizamu Uta and My Soul, Your Beats! and they just happened to be sung by her…

And I just happened to watch Fortune Arterial yesterday, and I critically commented of the OP…And yes, that’s also sung by Lia. Surprise?n

Fortune Arterial ~Akai Yakusoku~

So obviously my first subject will be Fortune Arterial. I actually started watching this because a friend of mine told me it was quite a nice watch. When I asked him what it was about, he told me it’s like a slice of life series with vampires. Well if it’s vampires like Rosario to Vampire, they can go to hell, but I’m always interested what kind of concept they based it on.

“Hasekura-kun, your seat is over there” *points to the most left seat in the back* Ah, it’s the generic seat reserved for main protagonists.

I always find this funny. The reserved seat for main protagonists always seems to be in the far back left seat. I’m not sure if this counts when the character is already in class, but at least it’s 99% that seat when the main character is transferring to a new school. Just like uh, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and Clannad, or even in visual novels like Little Busters! .

Actually when I looked at this screencap of mine, it seems like this is the father of Okazaki Tomoya, don’t you think? It might be so that it’s one and the same universe. Still doesn’t make sense about the reserved seat though.

Fortune Arterial: Another definition of vampires and dependents. The character development is really nice, but the ending was too cheesy imo

So let’s move on to the aspects of the anime. The characters are all deeply linked to each other in some way. That makes me think of Infinite Stratos which will be my next subject, but first I have to be a real critic about this series’ vampire kin. So vampires here are defined for their obvious craving for blood, but in return they are humans with exceptional skills and intelligence. Here comes my disappointment, they’re magically able to erase memories to keep it a contemporary fantasy. If it weren’t for very conventional magic, they couldn’t have made the plot. It seemed too obvious. The problem with Vamp

Fortune Arterial: “Let’s see, Erika’s birthday is June 7th, so…” So at least I share my birthday with a vampire. That’s cool, I guess.

That’s the first anime character who has the same birth date, which made me quite happy. The character designs are all neatly done, and the drama is definitely there. The development between Erika and Kouhei is nicely described. Sadly there are also things that didn’t make me that happy.

There are too many subjects that lack the same describing. Apparently the blood of Hasekura Kouhei is special towards the vampires but it was never explained why this was the case. The Tougi family also has deep connections with the vampires(Sendou family), however this bond is almost nowhere to be found. It seemed like Tougi Shiro had some problems of her own but it was never revealed. I think this is the point where the flags of the original visual novel are visible in the animated adaptation.

Unable to stop her craving for the blood of Kouhei, Erika quit school and became a hikikomori again. Here comes the typical ending of “NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I WILL BE WITH YOU” into the credits. A seriously boring ending in my opinion. Now I’m not saying this whole series is bad, but they could’ve made the vampires a bit more vampiric and make the drama a bit more intense. The drama between the sisters and their connection with Erika and Kouhei does make up for the bad aspects.

Infinite Stratos

So this is another series I watched this week. It’s an unexpected mecha anime! Unexpected because I am the one who usually doesn’t watch mecha type anime, but this seemed a little more to my interest. Yet another reverse trap inbound. And lots of romcom. As long as the comedy doesn’t exceed the romance, then it makes a good series to me.

Infinite Stratos: Great character designs mixed with a mecha atmosphere. The tension, however, wasn’t really that high. More like…boobs.

As I tweeted, they have great characters. Ichika, the male lead character, is the only male who can pilot an IS, so he begins with a nice harem starts. But those who he knows better get more importance. We start off with the first osananajimi, Shinonono Houki. A bit tsundere, not willing to admit her feelings, but she gets rewarded near the end of the series. A main heroine ending it is.

Infinite Stratos: Rin orders her ramen and takes it to a table. After a conversation w/Ichika, the school bell rings. The bowl is empty. Eh?

But then, more childhood friends! Meet Fan Rin’in, the Chinese representative for IS. More the tomboy, but even she succumbs in tsundere feelings. I always disregard the ojou-sama type girls because I don’t really like them, but she still has to be named: Cecilia Alcott. Them English. Followed by the number one loveable French character in the series, Charles who later shows his/her real identity, Charlotte Dunoa. Later she gets nicknamed to Charl(Sharu), a name I actually like even in Japanese.
The only person we miss is the mood-swung Laura Bodewig. This all makes me wonder…WHERE IS THE DUTCH REPRESENTATIVE for the IS? We need more fame! We were also absent in Hetalia…but not that I mind that though.

Alright, Laura also has her charms. Characters aside, the harem battle is something I always enjoy, but this time the mecha scenes were also quite enjoyable. The ending however, seems to wither once again. It seemed to be very intensive, until we got to meet the inventor of the IS, the sister of Houki, who explains the whole situation. The latest dangers were just to test the IS. So basically…Nothing is happening at all? We can all rest assured? Why Ichika is selected as the only male IS driver is still unknown. People, put more effort in details.


Let’s finish this post up with some more…comedy stuff then. If you don’t have a thing for genderbending, you are done with this post by now. If not, you should probably know what Kämpfer is about by now. Kämpfer means Fighter in German, and that’s basically the main plots that’s gone about in this series. Using the ending of Kämpfer for this part, as it sounds better than the lousy opening they have.

Kämpfer || Read all about in in the manga, but still a nice watch. Lots of kissing as well! +1 for the genderbending comedy~

Pretty much summed up for the Kämpfer system: Everyone who gets a hold an Entrails Animal gets into some kind of …contemporary fantasy game… These animals will transform your body or personality and will explain the rules for who you must compete with. Red versus Blue. And Kämpfers are always female. Natsuru gets an animal from his friend Kaede, he becomes female and can use Zauber(magic).
Before: Akane the shy librarian. After: Akane the total bitch with a Gewehr(gun).
Before: Shizuku the School Council President. After: …With an extra Schwert(sword).
Before: Mikoto the childhood friend. After: Again with blades.
Before: Kaede the school idol. After: Appearing to be one of the moderators who are part of the original creators.

So apparently it’s mostly lots of…hey, more detailed comedy while the reds are still fighting the blues. The white Kämpfer appear, apparently the observers of the whole game. Kaede is with them, but after a while it appears Kaede has a split personality, never to be explained. What does get explained by the very first Entrails Animal is that in some other universe, 2 planets are fighting for 1 power, and apparently that’s the reason for the reds versus the blues. Sounds a bit pathetic after thinking for a while, it’s just some stupid bet. What happens afterwards is never to be explained…Stupid ongoing novels that get animated too early!

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