The first tweeting monday

As I explained in my previous post, I will post some summaries of my tweets I made in the past week. Not too much to explain so have fun reading!

Mayo Chiki 4

How to bypass YouTube copyright? Increase the pitch of the song by at least 1.

So yeah, the series I’m watching this season is none other than Mayo Chiki! , although at this time I’m still waiting for the 5th episode subbed by Doki. I decided that Ayako are more troll than I can tolerate, so I’m going with the group that translate a bit more literate. As a student who studies Japanese, I’m too much of a critic when it comes to translating too loosely.

The characters have an awesome design, although I have yet to meet Usami, that girl with the purplish hair. She seems to be very interesting. The ‘main female lead character’ seems to be the reverse trap butler Subaru Konoe and she sure caught my eyes. Apparently some people go for the S ojou-sama type Kanade, but for me it feels like she’s just pointing the male character “Sakama/chi Kin\tarou” and Subaru to the right direction.

When this happened, I did get the feeling like…Eh what? But to be honest, I really like kissing scenes in anime because that shows it’s more on the romantic side than that it is comical. So such scenes scores a lot of points for me.

But obviously, there needs to be comedy. So there needs to be screenshots like these to totally bend the situation in the wrong direction. I mean, a “strong” girl falling for a reverse trap is only pure comedy guaranteed.

My brother recently asked why Kintarou is depicted as a sheep instead of a chicken, because he’s nicknamed chicken. It’s most likely because of the small difference in pronunciation between hitsuji(sheep) and shitsuji(butler).

「エッチなのは行けないと思います!」 …Nope, totally not a reference to Mahoromatic…Isn’t that joke becoming a bit old nowadays? Oh well, great episode ^^;

Quite the long explanation for just one trivial tweet actually, so you see how my blogging goes! Anyway, every commercial break in Mayo Chiki! seems to have a reference to other series. People weren’t too surprised when they saw the Gendou reference in episode 4. That’s a reference to Evangelion for your information. What caught my attention more was the reference to Mahoromatic (“ecchi na no ha ikenai to omoimasu!”), as that series wasn’t THAT mainstream, yet the sentence became really popular. But that reminds of the Gaijin 4-koma fad that has been used in the latest chapters of Hayate no Gotoku. Maybe Japan isn’t that isolated anymore.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Yes, I finally watched this hyped up series this week. And the first thing I liked about this series is the Latin naming. Well, maybe it should’ve been Puella Magi Madokam Magicam, but I gave up on Latin long ago so I’ll just say I like the title.

The best quote I could find in the series

Madoka Magica || The last episodes really make it interesting: parallel universes, becoming a god. Mix that with mahou shoujo…profit?

At first, I was surprised that Madoka didn’t become a magical girl at all for the first 8 episodes, despite the title saying so. Some episodes contained background information of Kyouko, my favourite character of the series. But when they got to the main plot in around episode 9, it suddenly all makes sense. But in my opinion, it seemed a bit too late for me.

Then the theories are becoming a bit greater than imagined. Madoka becoming a “god”. Witches replaced by magical beings. Does this mean the world will still perish due to a Walpurgis Night, because of the imbalance of magic in the world? Or rather, didn’t Incubator have enough power after Madoka’s wish, causing his function to be fulfilled? It seems like it’ll keep on looping forever. I started getting confused instead.

This picture made me think of Yagami Light and Ryuk at the same time.

Term of the Day: Contemporary Fantasy.

I’m a fan of contemporary fantasy, which means a hidden fantasy within reality. The idea of magical girls and witches, grief seeds, and ultimately the pure idea of harvesting emotional power for own good, sounds amazing. However I do think that they didn’t think well enough about all the consequences of what will happen afterwards.

Note that the above image is made by Buriki, which translate to Blik in Dutch, one of the few loanwords in Japanese!

I can see flame comments coming, but Madoka didn’t deserve such excellent OSTs. It feels for me as if music caused the popularity, not anime

What does make Madoka Magica a good series is the OST in my opinion. Almost every song is very enchanting, and they use a song of kalafina(Magia) for the ending. A fitting name too, coincidentally. Or listen to Mami’s theme, sung by Yuki Kajiura. She sings in her own language called Kajiurago, something not everyone can do!

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