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EL-CID 2011

This is the reason I have been away for a week. Now don’t think I’ll be going to talk about some knight called Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar or something, no. It’s an abbreviation of the “Enige Leidse Commissie Introductie Dagen”, roughly translated as “The one and only commission for the introductory days of Leiden”. As I’m going to start university in about a month, I have to be prepared with whom I’ll be paired up with. And to get to know the city I’ll be living in. This event took on for 5 days, so be prepared for a wall of text instead of tweet spam. Not to forget the hilarious images. Maybe.

I’ll be away for the next 5 days again, now for a camp with first years Japanologists followed by the anime convention AbunaiCon, so you’ll have to bear with this post for the week~

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Writing this at 0:26 AM and it’s getting late even if it’s vacation. This is rather an emergency post because I will not post anything this weekend. I’m attending to some event called the “Introduction Week” hosted by my university to get to know the city and of course its students and teachers.

Now you might think I can still access my PC. Yes I can, but without Internet. I’m going to move to my new room in the same city as the university tomorrow and I’m taking my computer with me. Sadly I don’t have an Internet connection there. I will be able to watch some old anime though, so maybe you’ll get lots of those reviews next week. There will also be no tweeting too, my mobile phone sucks.

The week afterwards shall also be a little busy with a camp with first years who are also learning Japanese and Korean followed by the annual AbunaiCon, one of the better anime conventions in the Netherlands. More information about that next post! That’s it for this post. Interesting OP and ED used for this post as ever: Last Regrets from Kanon (2006) and Ichalove Come Home from Mayoi Neko Overrun!


Summer Program in Osaka

I’m currently in Japan so I am not

able to blog here. Instead, go to

The Pilgrimage to Osaka for my

blog about this summer program.

I return August 10th. Until that

time this blog is on siesta.

Well I guess it was already a bit dead to begin with, but I still have things to write about. I’ll do that when I’m back at home then.


Lol, Update #2

As the May vacation draws near, there’s less homework and more time to spend on ani….blogging. I can’t take the fact that people are disappointed that I don’t write something any more. This stuff requires a lot of motivation. Which I lack. Or rather, I always think I got better stuff to do. It’s a harsh battle when it comes to choosing between blogging or anime/games. In any case, the amount of blog posts I need to write is steadily increasing. For now I’ll just write the second update of this blog. And to tell you that maybe this blog IS dead.

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I know the opening video spoof here of Osananajimi ha Daitouryou isn’t the least connected to the article I’m writing about. I just have to fill up the space and keep the attention, so to say. Even though it’s not really an article, you should rather just look at my sloppy website. Alas, it’s free and I have learnt HTML and CSS for 1 day. This is what you get:

Click here.

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Malden Melty Meeting 2009

    Date: 31 October 2009

So, many people will be wondering…what is this event about? Well, I think I have a review about Melty Blood Act Cadenza here, but now it’s about the sequel of this game, called Melty Blood Actress Again. The game is only available for PS2 at the moment and I don’t feel like reviewing it soon. You should just see this game as an expansion to MBAC. However, there’s no netplay. So what’s your best option? Indeed, a real-life meeting.

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Lol, Update #1

So, you might have noticed I’ve been busy changing a lot of things on my blog. Though I don’t have too much time left…Why does holiday go so fast, in a couple of days I’ll be on school again. Don’t worry, I’ll keep on blogging even though, school isn’t always that stressful, especially at the start. Anyway, I’ve created a little list of updates that will be explained one by one. And I won’t make it a too long post like before.

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Milestone: 1000 views

This guy’s mixes are awesome by the way.

I should carry on with my site, it’s so inactive people think it’s already dead. My answer? No it isn’t. I’m in the midst of exams and all of that school stuff, what makes my spare time ranging from really short to none. I still have 18 articles to post, but I’ve yet to start them. So please, don’t leave so fast, eh. As a matter of fact, I noticed the hits are past the 1000 this month, that’s why I’d have to celebrate that with a little post. Because I lack those ‘Thank you! 1000 Views” pictures, I decided to create one in 5 minutes:


At least you can see my favorite character from Little Busters! there, Kudryavka Noumi.

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Elf Fantasy Fair @Haarzuilens

    Date: 25/26th of April 2009

So this one was really the first convention I went to in my life. I’m still young, so I have a lot time to visit more of them of course. Now then, I’m late with the summary because I did not have the photos yet, since I used someone else’s camera. Unfortunately, the camera is a bit of low quality, so all the pictures are a bit blurry. That might be my fault too, but my photos at the AnimeCon were a lot sharper, so I don’t really know the cause.

Now actually it was partially about anime too, what I didn’t think of. Aside from all the service about Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Eragon, there was also the Manga Square, where I felt comfortable at. You can even see that the picture made OF me(look at the side bar), is made with 2 girls dressed in sailor uniforms from Shuffle!, as far as I know.

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AnimeCon 2009

    Date: 1st to 3rd of May, 2009.

This is the 1st prize by audience in the AMV competition at AnimeCon 2009. I wasn’t there at that time, because I only bought a Sunday-only ticket for family reasons. Though, as he’s my friend, I congratulate him again for winning that prize. It’s worth that position.

So, yes, after a hasty decision after Elf Fantasy Fair, I decided to go to all anime conventions this year, just to see how it looks like. A summary about EFF will come later though, as I don’t have the pictures yet. This time I did bring my own photo camera along. And I have to say, the Dutch quality for cosplaying isn’t bad. Somehow there are always a lot of Vocaloid cosplayers though, but I guess they’re really that famous…I didn’t even notice the Touhou cosplayers though, shame on me.

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