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We’ve moved!

For the people who get directed to this site for some unknown reason, welcome to my…archived site! That’s right, this blog will not be updated anymore, and has moved to another location. This is the my new site, used for both anime and serious posts:

I’ll gladly welcome you on that site instead! From there, I’ll refer every now and then to posts that have been made on this site, but do not expect any more posts here.

Yours sincerely,



Mayo Chiki!

Blargh I haet YouTube, everything has to be pitched up to avoid copyright claiming…Typo on purpose.

I should start microblogging some more, but I have no time to do that so…You’re all out of luck. I did manage to finish Mayo Chiki while I’m actually learning for my mid-terms. See? Procrastination did help me get out of my anime slump. Oh wait, I shouldn’t be all too happy about that. As a result, random useless information has entered my head and suddenly popped out when I watched the last 2 episodes. My oh-so-very-short-synopsis:

Finished Mayo Chiki today. The end just makes it too much a generic romcom anime, although the plot was quite interesting. The main male character has a reason to be a bit sluggish when it comes to love. The last episode seemed like an extra episode – or rather, it WAS an omake episode – but it made me think again about glasses obsessions. Maybe it’s true that it’s a form of gap-moe: the beauty is revealed when the glasses are actually off. Which could in fact be similar to the usage of the Burqa for the females of the Islam.

So yeah, I still want to revive this blog, but I hardly see the time for it, nor…the materials. I keep downloading but never do I actually watch something anymore. Addiction of the week: The Binding of Isaac.
Next post: Maybe about how I might screw up my mid-terms or something. Japanese subjects aren’t that uninteresting, so I think I’ll make it.


Returning to the rabbit cave.

As you might or might not have noticed, I accidentally killed my own Japanese diary, which cost me several months. I am in fury, so currently I’m just going to change this blog a little bit more personal. I hope nobody minds and actually should mind, as this blog is totally full of grey matter right now.

So yeah, listen to the song I ripped from a specific visual novel called Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi kun no Baai. It’s very soothing, worth the listen.

Okay, maybe blogging isn’t my thing, or I should have more access to it or something. It’s eating my free time, but at the same time I think I’m not doing anything useful anyway!
And usually I paste pictures in every post, right? …You know how much time that actually costs? Maybe I should change to Picasa or something. Any ideas?


Summer Program in Osaka

I’m currently in Japan so I am not

able to blog here. Instead, go to

The Pilgrimage to Osaka for my

blog about this summer program.

I return August 10th. Until that

time this blog is on siesta.

Well I guess it was already a bit dead to begin with, but I still have things to write about. I’ll do that when I’m back at home then.


Lol, Update #2

As the May vacation draws near, there’s less homework and more time to spend on ani….blogging. I can’t take the fact that people are disappointed that I don’t write something any more. This stuff requires a lot of motivation. Which I lack. Or rather, I always think I got better stuff to do. It’s a harsh battle when it comes to choosing between blogging or anime/games. In any case, the amount of blog posts I need to write is steadily increasing. For now I’ll just write the second update of this blog. And to tell you that maybe this blog IS dead.

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Buri Hamachi (AT3 MAD)

    Source Name: Ar Tonelico 3
    Source song: EXEC_HYMM_BATTLESPHERE/.#Saki extracting (here)
    Comment: Somehow the first seconds of the song is about Buri and Hamachi, apparently the Japanese amberjack fish(see here). I really want to play this game but there are still 2 things I need to do first...Learn Japanese and buy a PS3. Although I've heard that an English translation is on the way already.

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I know the opening video spoof here of Osananajimi ha Daitouryou isn’t the least connected to the article I’m writing about. I just have to fill up the space and keep the attention, so to say. Even though it’s not really an article, you should rather just look at my sloppy website. Alas, it’s free and I have learnt HTML and CSS for 1 day. This is what you get:

Click here.

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Lol, Update #1

So, you might have noticed I’ve been busy changing a lot of things on my blog. Though I don’t have too much time left…Why does holiday go so fast, in a couple of days I’ll be on school again. Don’t worry, I’ll keep on blogging even though, school isn’t always that stressful, especially at the start. Anyway, I’ve created a little list of updates that will be explained one by one. And I won’t make it a too long post like before.

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Milestone: 1000 views

This guy’s mixes are awesome by the way.

I should carry on with my site, it’s so inactive people think it’s already dead. My answer? No it isn’t. I’m in the midst of exams and all of that school stuff, what makes my spare time ranging from really short to none. I still have 18 articles to post, but I’ve yet to start them. So please, don’t leave so fast, eh. As a matter of fact, I noticed the hits are past the 1000 this month, that’s why I’d have to celebrate that with a little post. Because I lack those ‘Thank you! 1000 Views” pictures, I decided to create one in 5 minutes:


At least you can see my favorite character from Little Busters! there, Kudryavka Noumi.

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New series announced: Shana 3 and Nogizaka Haruka 2

I decided not to write reviews all the time, but some news is also interesting. Like this year is going to be one of the better years again, after the so-so winter season. After the rerun + new series of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, there’s even more hope for this year: Shakugan no Shana season 3 and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu season 2 have been announced recently! Note that Shakugan no Shana is one of my own favorite series, so I’m currently having a large smile on my face. Though, it was more than expected.

Even though I’m going to review Shana sooner or later anyway, I just have to say that it was too obvious that there was going to be another season. The cliffhanger was too visible, it couldn’t just end like that. The only con of the second season of Shakugan no Shana, but I hope the third season will meet my expectations. I personally can’t wait.

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