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Note that I always have at least 1 video for play in every post, for entertainment.

lol, anime

Hello visitor, and welcome to Chrouya’s personal blog, “lol, anime”. My nickname is written as 黒夜(くろや, ‘kuroya’), and is used as a pun in the subtitle of my blog: 黒夜に成りそう。。。(It’s going to be a dark night…).

I’m a fervent reviewer about games, anime, manga and the like, but also my personal experiences. You can see this site as some kind of personal diary, but obviously that alone would not really count as a blog, would it? That’s why I’m going to be a general blogger about whatever I like to talk about. There’s always a lot to experience, maybe a bit too much, so I might get slow from time to time. Note that I’m the only author here. Stuff I’m usually talking about:

Old and new animes

From old series to new series, I just feel like reviewing them after I have seen them. Maybe in the future, more authors will join this blog, in order to get a quite popular, but especially useful, blog.


Lately I’ve been reading manga whenever I have some spare time, though I only read mangas that are not animated yet. Negima! is an exception though, that one continued. The reason is that the animated series are always more appealing to me, even though they might have less content, more fanservice.


I am not only using my spare time looking and reading, I also need some interactive entertainment to keep me going. So aside being all addicted to whatever Japan has to offer, I also play normal Western games…Though, I do not exclude Japanese games mixed in them.


I also leave my door once in a while, even if there’s no school going on. Note that school really makes my life hard, not too much time to blog when I still have my homework to do. But when there are events on weekends, I’m always up for some. Anime conventions, but also LAN-parties, are not uncommon in my life.

My own projects

To finish the list, I am also creative when I have to be. As you can see, there’s stuff about me doing Karaoke, Scanlating, coding with HTML; enough stuff I have done myself of course. You should visit the page for more information.

The blog was supposedly meant for the Dutch people, but alas, it won’t get a lot of recognition beyond the Netherlands if I wrote this in Dutch. That’s why this blog is fully English, as I expect that the Dutch readers should be able to read English…Or else they should study more. I don’t mind comments or criticism in here, as long as I don’t see people shouting at each other. If you’re angry at someone, do it somewhere else, because this isn’t a chat room.
You can use the RSS feed by clicking the link somewhere below my avatar. With RSS you can keep track of my latest posts, which could be very useful for latest information and the like.


Current author is Chrouya, but if people are willing to take over my blog template for reviews, just call if you want to add yourself to this list. Hence why the about is us, not me.

Name origin

Every site name probably has its origin. So does this one, although it has nothing to do with LOL Anime. Just refer to this one as lol <comma> anime then. I wish I could steal that domain though, but I’m not up for spending money for just blogging.
Anyway, the blogname was actually a reaction on my brother’s blog, which you can now view here. He called it “lol, spectator”, a combination of 2 puns:

  1. lol, internet. This refers to the old YTMND fad that went on years ago. Note that they also made my version of it…
  2. TF2 Spectator. Not in the way of just spectating a game, but because of this randomly “finding new items” while you were in-game. As a result, everyone went idle on servers, waiting to find hats(these were very rare). Thus TF2 got its title: Idle Fortress 2 with one class, the spectator.

Just replace spectator with anime and there you have it.

Site history

Founded by Chrouya on April 11, 2009, his first blog. It originally started as a pure reviewing site, but later on he got pretty busy in his personal life, so he decided to post more about his own life as well. Nowadays it’s something like a diary and a memoriam, but he’s still planning to get the reviews back in. Maybe his friends will join up sooner or later.

Looking at other weblogs, he has decided to post up all the header banners and all the avatars that have been made on a single nested page, but it’s still under construction.

Links and Contacts

I’d be very happy if you’d support this site by just telling friends about it! I haven’t created support banners – you know, those small ones in a sidebar -, so it’ll have to go the normal way.

The URL to this site is:
Alternative shortcut:
Free Domain(WIP):

If you would like to contact the site with comments, questions, link exchange requests(still working on blogroll though) or recommendations, just send an e-mail, or add to MSN: I check both more than once a day, so don’t hold back.

© 2008-2009. All rights are copyright to their respective owners.

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